Love and Marriage – a reflection on my Grandparents 70th wedding anniversary!

As the title of this blog gives away, today is my Nan & Grandad’s Wedding Anniversary, so close to celebrating 70 years together but unfortunately she died 11 weeks ago now. However, this post is one of celebration, reflection and appreciation and of love not of loss.

What a blessing it is in life to find love, marry, have children and stay together to watch your children have children and then some of your grandchildren have children! 💞 Yet, I ponder, do some people take this chance in life for granted as if love, marriage and actually staying married, is a guaranteed part of life?

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Spring: How to enjoy a season of renewed hope, new possibilities and a fresh perspective

The promise of a future, that the blooming flowers of Spring, reminds us of!

So here we are, it is officially Springtime. Although Spring doesn’t start until March, I had been noticing little signs of Spring throughout the last part of February with more sunshine, fresh shoots springing up from the ground and buds appearing on plants and trees.

the promise of a future that blooming spring flowers reminds us of. blog post all about spring's message of hope by Helen's Journey

Just look at the photo above, there is such a stark juxtaposition between Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. We have the hard, cold, solid soil – representing the harsh cold winter we have just got through. Then we see the flowers that were still able to grow and push through this soil with perseverance and determination to push upwards towards the light.

We are those daffodil bulbs that were buried in the cold, harsh winter months – maybe hibernating in the warm or suffering from the Winter blues. Yet, seeing those fresh daffodil shoots appear from empty looking soil, is a reminder that no matter how hard life has got, there is always a renewal of hope for better.

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A dose of female empowerment on ‘International Women’s Day’ and to take with you into each new day ahead!

Each year on 8th March is International Women’s Day – the official website explain it “is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.” So to celebrate I’m sharing with you a poem I wrote about the power of a woman and a post giving you a dose of female empowerment that can encourage you any day of the year!

“See the privilege that exists not only with gender or the country of residence, but with race and ethnicity even between the same gender in the same country!”

– Helen’s Journey point of thought
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All About ‘World Book Day’ – Snow White and other Book Character Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

All about World Book Day!

Today marks ‘World Book Day’ here in the United Kingdom & Ireland, as we celebrate it each year on the first Thursday of March. It is a day to celebrate all things books – reading, authors, illustrators, book characters, etc. With the aim of encouraging more children to discover more books and the joy and pleasure that can come along with reading.

Primary schools in the UK have a fancy dress policy on World Book Day where all staff dress up in fancy dress as book characters and the children also come into school dressed up as book characters too. I personally feel this dressing up element, also invites children into some of the imaginary worlds that these stories create for these characters to live in.

Read more about world book day & let me know if you like my costumes


How to do pancake day, the healthy way! Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Vegan and Non GMO pancakes.

Hi guys, I really wanted to share with you my healthy Pancake Day – which having been gluten-free for the past 14+ years, hasn’t always been the easiest or yummiest thing to do!

I’ve experimented over the years with gluten-free pancake mixes and also pre-made gluten-free pancakes (which I think are tiny and more like scotch pancakes than the thin, larger pancake I associate with pancake day!)

But this year I have this pancake mix shown below, that I’ve tried, tested and given the green light to make my pancake day ‘flippin’ fantastic this year (like what I did there, playing on the action of flipping pancakes in the pan 😉😉)

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A dose of love, advice & perspective for singles on Valentine’s Day!

February: a month for LOVE for singles too, not only Valentine’s Day romantic love for couples only!

February can be a tough month if you are single, simply because Valentine’s Day seems to make everything around us this month seem to be about love, romance and relationships. Yet this post is to reassure singles that February can be a month of love for us too!

I’ve never really been big on valentine’s Day myself, maybe I never got the chance to with such an unromantic ex or because of its origins. However, I’m definitely a lover of romance any day of the year that hasn’t changed no matter how much it is missing from my life. As this will be my second Valentine’s Day since getting out of a long-term toxic relationship, I’m determined to make it still a time of love, by making it a time of self-love regardless of not having a partner to love and spoil you on the big V day.

Read more to discover the 4 greek words for love & how valentines day can still be filled with love without romance

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The dangers of Tunnel Vision and how to break down the walls to widen your perspective in life

The dangers of having ‘Tunnel Vision’ in life:

Sometimes in life when we feel overwhelmed by it all, we can have tunnel vision because the thing that is overwhelming us, is all we can think about & see ahead… 🚇However, if we looked outside the tunnel we could see the bigger picture!

How ‘Tunnel Vision’ restricts your perspective in life:

Just like in the photo I snapped used on this post; by not having tunnel vision, we also get to see the bigger picture surrounding the tunnel not just the limited views from inside the tunnel.

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Handy ways to get prepared, focused and be ready for all that’s ahead in the future: Focus Words, Goal Setting & Promises to yourself!

Set your future intentions with Focus Words, Goal Setting and Promises to yourself – as ways to be prepared, focused and ready for all that’s ahead…

When looking ahead, I like to do things that will get my mind focused on the future, to carry with me the lessons learnt from the past and to then go forward being clear on my goals and my intentions for the year ahead. In this post, I encourage you to do the same no matter your circumstance – if you are a business executive, stay at home parent or a chronic illness warrior. We all need a direction, plan, vision, goal and dream to work towards and focus on.

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“CHRISTMAS CHEER” A Christmas Acrostic Poem encapsulating the Christmas Season.

A Christmas Poem encapsulating the beauty of the Christmas Season and all its traditions:

Happy Christmas to all my readers!

I decided to write a poem to try to encapsulate the beautiful atmosphere of Christmas time and all the things that work together to make it a special time of year. So, I chose the word ‘CHRISTMAS CHEER’ to use in an acrostic poem – enjoy…

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‘Mary Poppins’ Fancy Dress Costume D.I.Y Tutorial Guide

‘Do It Yourself’ Mary Poppins Fancy Dress Costume Tutorial Guide:

When it came to choosing a costume for the latest fancy dress party I attended, I decided to choose an English favourite; Mary Poppins!

Even you are unfortunate enough not to know who Mary Poppins is, click here for all the info about the movie off IMDb. Growing up I loved the original Disney movie ‘Mary Poppins’ and I wasn’t disappointed with the recent sequel either ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ as it was another wonderful play on imagination and creativity. But let us get back to my DIY tutorial guide for my Mary Poppins fancy dress costume… Continue reading “‘Mary Poppins’ Fancy Dress Costume D.I.Y Tutorial Guide”


Touching Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

Here are some handy ideas for getting touching Birthday gifts for your friends and loved ones…

There are so many gift ideas out there, sometimes you can feel confused and lost as to what to get your friends and loved ones for their birthday. Well here is a break down of some lovely gift ideas through me sharing with you a list of gifts I had for my Birthday this year, that helped to made it so full of love and effort…

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Life Lessons that the Season of Autumn/Fall can bring for us all!

Life lessons the season of Autumn / Fall can bring to all… and how to stay positive through seasonal changes.

Like most things in life, how we experience the change of season and weather, is down to our personal perspective. This post is all about purposely choosing a positive perspective as we transition into a new season…

Believe me, as someone with a chronic illness that is worsened in the colder weather I know oh too well the amount of dread the colder weather months can be met with and the effect of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) depression that seasonally comes in the dark Autumn and Winter months.

However, learning to see the beautiful life lessons of the season helped me to embrace the change instead of dreading it – as it can’t be changed through dread or worry, so instead might as well be enjoyed for its positives even though it brings along negatives too. ‘Balance’ and ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ come to mind.

“What possible lessons could the Autumn / Fall give me?” I hear you ask. Let me explain…

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What I’ve learnt from 3 years of growing my hair for charity, to make a wig for a child with cancer


Have you seen the hashtag floating around on social media #shorthairdontcare ?

Well, this was always my reality, as I’ve almost always had short hair, even as a child as I made washing my hair such an ordeal as I hated getting water in my eyes (mix of eczema, sensitive eyes and being a diva) and disliked getting my hair brushed too! I think it was just easier for my mom to let me have the shorter hair I wanted.

Yet for the past 3 years, as I’ve been growing my hair an extra 12 inches in length, for a charity donation my hashtag became #longhairdontcare instead, as I grew my hair the longest it has EVER been in my whole 34 years of life at the time.

Only now, with ‘the big charity chop’ being two weeks away, my reality has now become the opposite of that hashtag. As now it’s more like #longhaircozicare

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The power of words!

Everyone loves a good quote, right?

Well, I must say I’ve rather enjoyed this ‘‘3 Day Quote Challenge’ with choosing a new quote to share each day and explaining my reasons for choosing it. I love to have fun with words, I love sharing and I love encouraging others – the perfect challenge for me 😉

As today 22nd April is World Earth Day’ I felt it appropriate to choose a quote from ‘Mr all things nature’ himself, Sir David Attenborough:



‘3 Day Quote Challenge’ Day 2 of sharing a quote to live by & reasons why I chose it

3 Day Quote Challenge:

Day 2 of sharing a quote to live by and the reasons why I chose it

So just what is the ‘3 Day Quote Challenge’? I hear you ask… well it’s when each day you choose a quote to share and explain your reasons for choosing it – I’m always up for fun with words! 😉

So here is my quote for Day 2:

encouraging quote for day 2 of the 3 day quote challenge by helen's journey blog www/
“I know this transition is painful, but you’re not falling apart: you’re just falling into something different, with a new capacity to be beautiful” – Quote by the Author William C. Hannan

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3 day Quote Challenge – Day 1 of sharing a quote I love & the reasons why I chose it

3 Day Quote Challenge:

Day 1 of sharing a quote I love and why I chose it

I love a challenge, so being nominated to do a ‘3 Day Quote Challenge’ when each day you choose a quote to share and explain your reasons for choosing it – of course, I accepted!

Thank you to Shannon from the blog MSnubutterflies for nominating me for this challenge!

Here is my quote for Day 1:

helens journey quote about appreciating the small things in life you can do, not big things you cant do.
I questioned if choosing a quote from myself was vain, but considering I’m used to putting myself in the limelight, I thought I’d go for it! 😉

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“We are Woman!” A poem & a celebratory post about the power of a woman (Esp the single & childless woman)!

This week marked ‘International Women’s Day’ & ‘Mother’s Day’ ~ Day’s for celebrating all things woman!

A lot of people concentrate on the wonderful job we have of carrying human life form inside us, being a mother, a life-giver, a wife, a homemaker etc. However, if you are single and childless do not feel any less of a woman or feel uncelebrated, unrecognised or insignificant!  These days ARE for you too!!

I decided to write a poem to encourage those of us who are single and childless to still embrace days we feel highlight our ‘don’t have’s’ and instead celebrate all that we do have – after all we still have the power of being a woman! 😉

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Deaths reminder to treasure loved ones & work towards the legacy you’ll leave behind…

This blog is a gentle prompt to enjoy time with your loved ones, making precious memories and treasuring having them in your life. Hold them close and be grateful for all the blessings they bring and the challenges they bring also – as they both make an impact on your life. Generally treasure the people you spend the most time with and all those that make contact with you just to say “Hello, how are you?”.

Today’s reflection is one of importance, to TREASURING YOUR LOVED ONES and work towards YOUR LEGACY that you will leave behind!

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Be ORGANISED & FOCUSED in life, with these TOP 3 ITEMS to keep you on track!

As I type this post another new year is fast approaching. My thoughts go towards a sense of preparation and planning, as most people do at this time of year when we start setting ourselves New Year Resolutions and goals for the new year ahead.

However, if you have an overactive and creative mind like mine, your thoughts can run away with themselves and you end up feeling confused, overwhelmed and like you can’t even remember everything that you just spent ages thinking about as there is just too much of it! *AND BREATHE!*

So the best way I find to get the lists and ideas out of my brain is to write them down and log them in some way. To do this, as I am in my season of preparation for the future, I have got 3 items to help get me organised and focused:

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Remembering the REASON for the SEASON! A short Christmas Day Reflection

“Remembering the ‘Reason for the Season’!”

The big day is finally here; CHRISTMAS DAY 2017! Today’s chosen image is 1 from my childhood Church:

reason for the season christmas reflection

As you can see I perfectly positioned the camera to get the altar & cross wall hanging in the photo along with the Christmas Tree. For me, it is the perfect reminder of the reason we even celebrate Christmas! Although not the official date of Jesus’ birth (Yeshua (ישוע) in original Hebrew text) and also pagan origins of using evergreen fir trees that aren’t linked to this – it is what Christmas Time and the symbol of a Christmas Tree has meant for the generations of people alive today.

As I look at it, I see the Christmas tree representing the commercial side of Christmas, the presents, the tv toy commercials etc. Yet, I also see it as a communal point:

  • Where people gather around, as well as presents.
  • Families going out and choosing their tree together.
  • A group of people all decorating a tree together as a joint experience.
  • Children gathered underneath the tree on Christmas morning ripping open their presents.

Then in stark contrast in the distance you will see the beautiful and majestic altar and cross wall hanging. The cross representing the reason we even celebrate Christmas today – as Christmas is the start of the story with Jesus being born and the cross where he died representing the very act in which he was born to do.

I see the two being placed close together as a reminder to still put Jesus into Christmas;

  • The many children dressing up and reenacting the nativity story in their school plays.
  • Saying or writing CHRISTmas not Xmas which was designed to cross Christ out of Christmas, which is ironic as in the end it’s all about a cross anyways lol.
  • Choosing Christian Christmas Cards that have pictures of the nativity story on such as  the stable, wise men, shepherds, angels, the star, pregnant mary on the donkey etc.
  • Going to Church on Christmas morning or midnight Mass on Christmas Eve night.

Even if you don’t identify as being a Christian, remembering the reason for the season is for you also. For, if you believe it’s only a story then what an inspiring story to acknowledge and remember!

  • It is full of hope, wonder and amazement.
  • It has got community spirit from the shepherds.
  • Astrology and present giving from the wise men.
  • Spiritual support from angels and the spiritual realm.
  • A love so strong that Joseph sticks around to marry and look after Mary even though she’s pregnant & he didn’t take part in physically making it with Mary.
  • Strangers helping strangers in need out with stay in a free stable.
  • The hopes and dreams of all this baby would grow up to be and the responsibility on his shoulders from birth because of his fate to come….

What a story to remember this Christmas time! So please join me in remembering THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! ❤

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“Even Sand can STAND, when it is designed to fall!”

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“Keep OLD Traditions but don’t forget to make NEW ones!” 

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