My top thrifty charity shop finds, as I take part in #SecondHandSeptember pledge to only buy second hand clothes to support ‘Sustainable Fashion’ awareness

‘Fast Fashion’ is a fast growing problem in the world today, as lots of people throw away clothes into landfill even though it may still be wearable – to plenty of others if not to them anymore. That is why I’ve always been a supporter of ‘charity shops’ what we call our second hand shops here in the UK (and I always visit ‘thrift stores’ the US version of charity shops when I visit the States too).

So I want to share with you my ‘top finds’ this month while shopping in lots of second hand shops, esp because if you have read my post #SecondHandSeptember Challenge not to buy any brand new clothes for 30 days, to help encourage ‘Sustainable Fashion’ in a ‘Fast Fashion’ world you will know about the pledge I took with Oxfam to only buy second hand clothes for the 30 days of September. If not, here is what ‘Second Hand September’ is all about:

My top finds while shopping for second hand clothes

Although September seems to be a switch over month from Summer to Autumn, here in the UK it can still have some summery days with sunshine that still has some warmth to it, so it feels okay to still be buying summery clothes (esp if you still have a pending holiday abroad where the temperatures this time of year call for more summery clothes). So most of my finds are summer fashion rather than Autumn/Fall fashion:

First on my list are these second-hand shorts that are really brand new, as they still have their original tag on them from New Look as they had never been worn before someone donated them to the charity shop. So I may be their second owner, but I will be their first wearer 😉 all for £3.99 ($4.98).

Next up is a ‘United Colours of Benetton’ denim skirt, which is a perfect length for me, not being too short as I have long legs (My Grandad Mac’s nickname for me was always ‘Leggy’ because I always had such long legs in youth and in adult hood.) I got this for the bargain price of £4.49 ($5.60).

Every lady needs a going out dress once in a while, so this trip to a local charity shop didn’t disappoint on the evening wear side of things either. I got myself a great quality evening dress for £6.20 ($7.73) that’s super comfortable and a striking colour.

This find got me looking through the dress section the next time I went to a charity shop too, and once again I got myself a dress. However, this time it was a summer dress rather than an evening dress. It caught my eye as it has cut out sides of the dress that give it extra character esp as the pattern isn’t bold or bright. It was £5.00 ($6.24).

Maybe seeing my top finds will encourage you to think about shopping second hand? Or make you donate your unwanted items to charity and thrift shops, rather than throwing away in the rubbish to be sent to landfill. I encourage you to read my post #SecondHandSeptember Challenge not to buy any brand new clothes for 30 days, to help encourage ‘Sustainable Fashion’ in a ‘Fast Fashion’ world to read some shocking statistics on the problem of ‘fast throwaway fashion’ and encouragement for us all to take part more in ‘sustainable fashion’ habits. It also has a list of ideas for all our unwanted items of clothing too!

Click HERE to read my blog post all about my bargain denim jackets I found in different charity thrift shops around England, including this bold bright white denim jacket in the picture below:

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12 thoughts on “My top thrifty charity shop finds, as I take part in #SecondHandSeptember pledge to only buy second hand clothes to support ‘Sustainable Fashion’ awareness

  1. Oooo great finds, the second dress is an interesting pattern and I like the elastic cinching on it. I’m a big fan of charity shops so I often donate old clothes there and take a mooch for any good finds to then replace all the stuff I’ve just got rid of 😉 I do find it a shame, and pretty disappointing, when prices are creeping up quite high in a lot of charity shops. It puts people off buying when they’re often going there for cheaper finds, whereas with some prices you could easily buy something first hand in a shop on sale. Still, nothing beats the feeling of success when you find something just right! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I do agree about the price increase for sure. I remember getting things in charity shops for only a few pounds but I suppose like most,things the prices have changed with the times which is a shame, esp if it is putting people off buying the stuff 🧐 yes finding something that suits is a nice feeling for sure 👌


  2. Great finds! I have certain colors I wear only so I love that most thrift shops hang clothes not only by long sleeve, short sleeve, jackets, sweaters, etc. but by color, too. So shopping is easier for me than in regular stores. I’ve bought most of my clothes at thrift shops for years now. Cute finds for you. Here in the US I’ve found things for only a couple dollars!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katelon. That’s really interesting, I’ve never really thought about the importance of sorting by colour for some people. Yes my favourite while in the US is Goodwill, I’ve even had some $2 bargains from there esp with different colour tags being half price on certain days etc. Always fun to find a bargain hey 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Some great finds. I have not purchased any clothes since early spring when I needed a dress for a wedding. When I change over my closet I may find I need a few items as I seem to remember donating some items last year. A couple of thrift stores will be first on my list and if I don’t find anything will have to reassess to see if I really NEED anything. I have a few online resources I like as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love both those dresses! I’m a big fan of charity shops but #secondhandseptember made me remember why! I’ve just put a similar post up with the things that I bought in September.

    Liked by 1 person

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