Love and Marriage – a reflection on my Grandparents 70th wedding anniversary!

As the title of this blog gives away, today is my Nan & Grandad’s Wedding Anniversary, so close to celebrating 70 years together but unfortunately she died 11 weeks ago now. However, this post is one of celebration, reflection and appreciation and of love not of loss.

What a blessing it is in life to find love, marry, have children and stay together to watch your children have children and then some of your grandchildren have children! πŸ’ž Yet, I ponder, do some people take this chance in life for granted as if love, marriage and actually staying married, is a guaranteed part of life?

The day before my Nan died she said to me from her hospital bed:

“Me & your Grandad have had a happily life together. We still have love. We did everything we wanted to do, we travelled everywhere we wanted to go and we couldn’t of asked for a better family. I’ve had a good life.”

I wanted to share her words with you as a reminder for us all, as isn’t this all we can ask for when we look back on our lives? To be at peace with what we did, feel blessed with what we had & feel love for whom we shared it with too! πŸ™

Her dying wish for me was to “meet someone nice and have a lovely little baby. But go out and live your life while your young and travel the world while you can.” – That is exactly what I’m doing, living my best life! I also pray, that one day I can meet a man who adores me just like Grandad still does Nan. Someone who loves me as deeply as he did/does her, regardless of her stubborness & specific ways in life, the traits she passed on to me! πŸ˜…

Romantic love is a beautiful thing – so if you have found it then treasure it, guard it, keep hold of it, nurture it & be grateful for it always! As you never know when someone may be taken away… πŸ’―β£οΈβœ¨

– Helen’s Journey

Life is so precious and fragile, treasure who you have in it, as you never know what is around the corner!

I wrote a post after my uncles funeral because I was so touched from the sense of all the goodness he left behind. I called it “Deaths reminder to treasure loved ones and work towards the legacy you’ll leave behind” as I wanted it to be a gentle prompt to enjoy time with your loved ones, making precious memories and treasuring having them in your life. A reminder to hold them dear & be grateful for all the blessings they bring or challenges they bring – as they both make an impact on your life. Click HERE to read it.

I also wrote a collection of life reflections at Christmas time one year, that are really relevant every day of the year and very fitting with this message too. Click the blog title to read: Life is Fragile – treasure it!


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13 thoughts on “Love and Marriage – a reflection on my Grandparents 70th wedding anniversary!

  1. That was so inspirational πŸ’• Their love was/is beautiful and I hope one day we can all have our own beautiful love story ❀️ I love the advice that she gave you to go out there and live. Live life to the fullest and when love comes you can enjoy life to the fullest with your loved one. I hope the same for myself as I wait for that special someone. I’m going to live πŸ’• Thank you for your beautiful post ❀️

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    1. Amen! You know I pray that for you also. It is great to have lots of memories with you of us both living life and smiling while we wait to see if we get this kind of love. Keep living your best life queen so we don’t have any regrets over not living life to the full while we were waiting for love!! Xx


    1. Right! An amazing thing to have in life. I know she died feeling at peace with her past & content with her life. That is such a comfort. My Grandad’s heart is broken, but how blessed it was to know such a love and for so long – I agree. X

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  2. 75 years… that is amazing. She had some wonderful advice to share, and it’s such a blessing that her experiences can be passed on, through all those whose lives she touched, and the lives those people like you touch as a result. She sounds like she was an incredible lady. I’m sure if she could read this she’d be so proud of how you’re handling loss and making something beautiful from it. An enduring love like that, between your grandparents, seems rare, but you’re absolutely right about how at the end of the day we want to just look back on our lives as say we lived and loved as best we could. This is such a beautiful tribute, Helen.Β β™₯🌹
    Caz xxxx

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    1. Thank you for your lovely words Caz, yes I’m sure she’d be proud and enjoy the fame too πŸ˜‰ Right, thank is all we can ask for and hopefully we can say the same when our end is near (a long time off please God) xxxx

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  3. Wow, beautiful words from your grandmother and words I think many of us need to hear. I’m glad they got to enjoy a long happy life together ❀️

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