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Never underestimate the strength of a single light in a dark place! Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Life Reflections

Today mark’s 5 days until Christmas, so time for Day 5 of my 12 days of Christmas short Life Reflection posts. Each daily post is inspired by a Christmas photograph I have taken myself.

Today’s post was triggered by one of my Christmas photographs of an alternative type of Christmas Tree, a sculpted tree made out of gold wire swirls with a star on the top and Christmas lights wrapped around it. To some, it may not look special, but to me, it is super special as it was my Nan’s ornament and this Christmas will be the first without her here.

However, the thing that inspired me the most about this specific photo was how much the little lights show up in the darkness and also just how pretty they look. It was a reminder to me that no matter how dark a situation seems, a single flicker of light can bring the brightness you need, to stir up a fresh perspective and a reminder of hope.

So the following life reflection is to remind you no matter what is causing dark clouds in your life, there can always be a glimmer of sunlight to remind you that there is also good amongst the bad.

 never underestimate the strength of a single light in a dark place! Day 5 of my 12 Days until Christmas Life Reflections

In my post ‘The dangers of tunnel vision and how to break down the walls to widen your perspective in life, in order to see solutions, not just problems’ I talk about that dark tunnel we can get stuck in life when we feel overwhelmed by life events and our emotions, feeling down, sad or in this case mourning and grief. I want to share with you a quote from that post that is relevant to this life reflection too:

Even if you feel unable to actually get out of the dark tunnel that life has pushed you into, you can make an effort to try hard to find a sky light in the tunnel roof – at least then, you will be able to see above the tunnel’s ceiling & see some light in the tunnels darkness!

– Helen’s Journey

To me, that is a nudge that even the smallest of lights from a skylight or a window, to candles, fairy lights or sunshine – no matter how small, that tiny light can illuminate the darkness. Plus the darkness can not put out that light no matter how hard it tries as light is stronger than the darkness. I use the Bible verse John1 verse 5 to remind me of this: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

No matter the number of dark clouds missing my Nan this Christmas will bring, I have so many blessings that will bring me that light in the darkness. My families love, fun with friends, being with loved ones, watching my Neice and Nephews open their gifts, good food, games… whatever it is this Christmas, that brings you joy, smiles, laughter and warmth = let them be the shining lights in your life!

So may this life reflection be a cue to remember the light hope can bring when you feel hopeless, to usher you to look for that light at the end of a tunnel, a push to recognise that light in the darkness and to notice the silver lining of the clouds that are hanging over you.

Christmas without you poem for Missing a loved one at Christmas time

Let us not forget that ‘light’ is a big part of the Christmas story itself and not just because of the great shining star in the dark night’s sky that the Biblical Magi (aka Wise Men or Kings) followed to find where the baby Christ was born. After all, that baby is referred to as ‘the light of the world’ and I find it beautiful to read John 1 chapter 9 at this time of year that reminds us what this Nativity story of birth represents “The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” So for all believers and non-believers, I pray God’s (Yahweh’s *in Hebrew) light shines upon you this Christmas season and that the light highlights to you the good among the bad and the hope in the darkness!

Remember to join me tomorrow for Day 6 of my 12 Day till Christmas ‘Life Reflections’. If you missed reading the other days in this series, here is a list of the other posts below for you to read:

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16 thoughts on “Never underestimate the strength of a single light in a dark place! Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Life Reflections

  1. Amen sis! Nan’s tree looks lovely and I am so glad she is still shining her light. It will be a hard Christmas without her but together we will focus on the happy memories and our blessings. Love you xx

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  2. The gold tree is beautiful.
    It’s very strange but you have a long list of previous Christmas posts and you mention this is day 5 but this is the first one I’ve received. I am signed up to follow your blog and receive them via email. I don’t know what wordpress does but I follow many blogs and only a few show up in my inbox?!
    Hope your holidays are bright and filled with joy!

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  3. When I saw the first sentence – “5 days until Christmas” – I panicked and started wondering whether I’ve lost more days than I realised! 😂 I honestly don’t know where this year has gone. Officially just one week until Christmas. Yikes!
    This is a beautiful post and a very timely reminder as this time of year can be incredibly difficult for many. You’re so right about how even the smallest bit of light doesn’t have to be overcome by the darkness. That glimmer of light can be far stronger, far more powerful, than the dark and shadows. Never give up believing it exists, because it’ll always be there in some form, somewhere.  ♥
    Caz xx


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