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‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series – Joke about Heat Therapy, especially using heating pads to help with chronic pain!

Here it is, my latest addition to my ‘CHRONIC ILLNESS JOKE OF THE WEEK’ SERIES, which is a collection of humorous meme’s and a discussion on the issues it highlights on the subject of living with chronic illness and chronic pain.

I also run a Facebook support group ‘HELEN’S FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS & CHRONIC ILLNESS SUPPORT GROUP’ for people with chronic illness and their loved ones. In it I share a number of jokes or lighthearted meme’s about life with chronic illness and the group is able to identify together, laugh together and acknowledge a united struggle so no one feels alone. So I thought, why not share this with my blog readers too! Hence ‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ series being created.

This week’s joke and chat is all about ‘Heat Therapy’ life, esp using heating pads to help with chronic pain. Have a look at the meme for a giggle and then read the discussion it creates. Feel free to comment on the post at the end and join in the laughs, discussion and sharing your own stories with heat therapy too…

Chronic Illness Joke of the week series, joke about heat therapy using heating pads to help with chronic pain

Chronic Illness Joke of the Week: Joke about Heat Therapy using heating pads!

Electric heat pads come with different heat settings, starting lower and working its way up to the hottest setting. Really they should make a new design for chronic pain warriors that start with the normal hottest setting as the lowest setting instead and then have extra super-dooper hot settings for us to heat it up to on the higher settings. How amazing would that be?! Okay, not literally as hot as fire in the pic! 🔥

For over a decade I have used electric heat pads to place on spasms, painful, stiff, aching and inflamed muscles all over my body, as part of suffering from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypermobilty etc. I have gone through soooooooooo many electric heat pads that eventually just overload from such extensive use and stop working. I can’t deny that I have murdered many over the years. So this meme really made me laugh! 😂

My latest electric heat pad broke last week, so I quickly started investigating alternatives. There are so many options online when you search. Many different sizes and also many different shapes as some are made for specific parts of the body and are shaped accordingly.

The prices range as well, some can be very expensive. So if you have read my post all about Second-hand shopping you will know that I’m no stranger to buying second hand items and electric heating pads are no exception. I have successfully got second hand ones off sites such as Ebay, yes just like the others eventually they stop working. Yet the way I look at it though, is at least I drained the last bit of life out of it before it’s first owner just discarded it.

However, this time instead of buying another tradition electric heat pad, I purchased something different. My Sister @libby.artist and fellow chronic pain warrior got a heated throw for herself and one for me too. We both LOVE them – so I wrote a review post all about it! Click HERE to read ‘Aldi Heated Throw review of top features and functions!

A Collection of Chronic Illness life meme’s for Spoonie’s to united in laughter, as well as experience!

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Wondering what the health condition Fibromyalgia is?

Don’t worry I’ve written a blog post to share more in-depth information, click HERE to read “Fibro-my-what?” Let me explain… All about the health condition FIBROMYALGIA!

Even if you haven’t got a chronic illness yourself, I encourage you to read my post ‘5 top life lessons that over a decade of chronic illness has taught me’ just to gain a perspective of why I write the encouraging posts that I do (click title to open blog post to read or find it under ‘Chronic Illness Life’ in the blog menu at the top of the website.


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23 thoughts on “‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series – Joke about Heat Therapy, especially using heating pads to help with chronic pain!

  1. We’ve been part of the heating pads saga because we’ve always try to keep 2 here for you & Libby to use – and me when my neck stiffens up! Whether expensive or cheaper, they ALL wear out and become useless after months, not years, so I don’t think it’s worth paying £40 for the extra soft covering when the electrical element is going to fail anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes very true. It’s hard as they aren’t designed for continual use day in day out & we more or less have them on all day every day. Anyother reason why I think they need to design electric heat pads with all these things in mind for people who use them continually to help with constant pain, discomfort etc…


  2. I prefer bean bag/rice types that you heat in a microwave because they are moist heat, have weight and so I can hang them over my neck or lay them wherever. The problem comes in though when I’m staying somewhere without a microwave. I read that you can put them in an oven proof container and heat them in the oven but that would take forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Katelon, really glad you’ve found the best type you prefer. I’ve tried those myself but they felt too heavy on me, almost like I was being weighed down & I didn’t like that sensation. True, didn’t think about being somewhere without the microwave, I agree the oven thing sounds like it would take ages. I wonder if stick on heat pads would be a good back up for places without a microwave? Helen x


      1. I’ve never heard of stick on heat pads. I understand the heavy feeling. For me it helps keep my tense shoulder down so the weight feels preferably to just flat inflexible heating pads.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, almost sounds like the weight is like a massage pushing the muscles down. I wonder if ‘weight therapy’ is a rhing? Probably. Lol.
          Yeah I use stick on heat pads when travelling as no plugs for electric one. They are defo better than nothing but obs don’t get as hot as the other kinds.


    1. Hope the power cut didn’t last too long for you yesterday & duvet hibernation got you through! Lol. Wait till you read my upcoming post on the heated thrown, it is just magical. But of course would still need the electricity for it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The memes are pretty funny. I have to look into trying the heating pad for my cramps and back pain as it comes and goes. I’ve thought about it before but just never went through with it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I think it’s a really good thing to have ready for when the pain hits. Esp if it can help it ease off faster for you. The heat relaxes the muscles and so can help with cramps and spamming. Hopefully this post can give you that gentle push to get one to try… 😉


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