Touching Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

Here are some handy ideas for getting touching Birthday gifts for your friends and loved ones…

There are so many gift ideas out there, sometimes you can feel confused and lost as to what to get your friends and loved ones for their birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day or any occasion when you get them a gift. Well here is a break down of some lovely gift ideas that will show your loved ones that they were chose from the heart. Let me also share with you a list of gifts I had for my Birthday this year, that helped to made it so full of love and effort…

A Notebook is always a good idea!

No matter what age or gender etc you are buying for, a notepad is always a good idea. With so many designs and functions, you can get personalised pads to suit whatever your loved one would use it for. Blog ideas, poems, song lyrics, rap words, drawing sketches, sports plays, dream teams, shopping lists, taking notes in church or school… the possibilities are endless!

The one my Sister got me for my birthday isn’t any old notebook – no, it is ‘A Little Book Of Happy Thoughts’ notebook’ by the company ‘East of India’. However, don’t let the name fool you as it is actually noted on the back that it is designed in Great Britain.

She also added onto it a miniature heart reading ‘A SISTER IS A SPECIAL KIND OF FRIEND’ ahhhh she is too cute! I’ve hung it up on my key hooks by my front door, so it can make me smile when I see it hanging up my keys.

notepad gift ideas for loved ones birthday's by Helen's Journey Blog

Video’s sent from the heart, can touch you just as much as the written word in messages and cards!

My best Friend pulled off a great surprise gift for me this year. She had contacted different people in my life and asked them to make a video message to me for my birthday and asked them what I meant to them. Then at different intervals throughout the day on my birthday she sent me the videos to bring love and smiles to fill out my day.

There were some heartfelt words, sincere friendship and things to make me laugh too. As a person who spends so much time supporting others, being a listening ear and an adviser, it was lovely to hear people’s appreciation for me being these things to them and not taking it for granted but wanting to show their appreciation, respect and love for me because of it.

I’d recommend this video message collage gift for all ages and genders – whatever age we are, we need to sometimes hear the words from others about their feelings towards us. It was a lovely birthday boost and I felt so much love oozing from my mobile as I received them!

Photo fun is a must on Birthdays and other occasions, to capture the celebrations!

What a surprise I had when I turned up at my friend’s house to celebrate my birthday with them. Laid out on the table were lots of accessories on sticks for taking photos to capture fun and laughter. There were sparkles, pouting lips, glasses, moustache, speech bubbles & a fabulous happy Birthday sash for me to wear for the rest of the night.

DIY photo-booth accessories for gift ideas for loved ones birthday's by Helen's Journey Blog

On the wall was a rainbow glitter wall covering and fairy lights to act as a backdrop for the photos and in a way make a photo-booth area effect. Oh what fun we had switching accessories, doing different poses and laughing. it was a really cool thing for them to do and I really appreciated the effort.

DIY photo-booth backdrop for gift ideas for loved ones birthday's by Helen's Journey Blog

This is a great DIY gift that will show your loved one the effort you put in for them to have a guaranteed fun celebration. You could do this for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Graduation Parties, Welcome Home parties… the possibility list is endless for this versatile DIY touching gift idea.

You can do this on a budget too by using cereal boxes for cardboard to make the accessories and twigs or paper-straws for the sticks. Fairy lights and colourful craft paper or wrapping paper you could get on a budget from Poundland or its US equivalent Dollartree. Then all you need is smiles, laughter and some good old-fashioned fun!

A gift chosen from the heart, because it will touch another’s heart – is a precious gift indeed!

My friend Candice knows how much I loved my Irish Grandad when he was alive & how I spent my life travelling back and forth mostly to Ireland with him but also America. Ireland holds a special place in my heart not only because it is part of my heritage but because it holds sooooooo many happy memories of quality time I spent with my Grandad at so many different ages throughout my life.

My friend really touched me with this gift of a glistening green shamrock pendant on a silver necklace. It was like it was a representation of all the love she saw between us in our photos and the loving words I always shared about him on my personal social media. I will wear it with a full heart bursting with happy memories! πŸ’š

sentimental gift ideas for loved ones birthday's by Helen's Journey Blog

Reusable and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas:

My little brother not only supports me on my journey of switching to natural products & looking for Eco-friendly alternatives but is on his own journey with using Eco-friendly, natural material, reusable nappies for his bay daughter & many other natural baby products (which makes me so happy to see).

So it’s no surprise he got me a ‘Reusable Food and Sandwich Wrap’ by the company ‘Keep Leaf’ that is also washable. It’s got a 100% cotton outward layer with a really cute pattern of tiny pink, purple and the odd green hearts too. There is a Velcro to keep your food held safely inside, keeping fresh and staying waterproof. It is BPA-free, Lead-free and Phthalate-free – with that many ‘free’s’ you know I’m sold! lol

reusable and eco-friendly gift ideas for your loved ones by Helen's Journey Blog
Reusable, washable, chemical-free & Eco-friendly food wrap, is a much healthier way to wrap your food!

Another great eco-friendly gift to get a loved one is a reusable hot drinks cup, esp for those people who love to grab a coffee or tea on the go. I have written a blog post all about the different options for reusable hot drink cups, to make the choice easier for you and to get the right one that suits the needs and personality of your loved one. CLICK HERE to open the guide up in a new window. ..

Auntie love is a special kind of love, so why not get her a personalised ‘Auntie’ gift:

Off my two nephews, I got a soy wax candle in an ‘Awesome Auntie’ Tin – my sister knows how much I treasure being an auntie, so I love anything from them with Auntie written on it.

Getting loved one’s items with their title on it (whether its Mom, Dad, Husband, Wife, etc) makes them feel they have an important role and status in your life and can help them feel appreciated and that their role is valued. These can be given as a gift for any occasion, from Birthdays or Christmas to Anniversaries.

Gift Ideas with titles on for your loved ones to make them feel special. gift ideas post on Helen's Journey Blog

Every day needs a bit of BLING and a birthday is a perfect excuse to sparkle!

My sister-in-law chose these diamond effect, bling magnets perfectly – not only because she knows I love me some bling, but also because she knows how covered in magnets my fridge is! This is perfect for those people who love a bit of sparkle and what better day to encourage them to shine than on their birthday! πŸ˜‰

bling gift ideas for loved ones that enjoy a sparkle. A gift ideas post by Helen's Journey Blog

A guide to Choosing Gifts to touch the hearts of loved ones:

Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote or encouraging words? You can’t go wrong when choosing gifts with words on that you think the person will identify with, enjoy and agree with. I think gifts like these are important especially if you know the person you are buying for needs an uplift ever so often or struggles with their mental health at times. It’s a gift to say ‘I care’ and that you want them to be encouraged every time they look at the gift.

The present I got in the picture below was one of these touching gifts. The person got it in a cross shape to identify with my Christian faith and they also encapsulated a perspective I share on my Social Media channels and Blog all the time about counting my blessings, acceptance, hope etc. Gifts like this are a great way to show how much you know a person and give it that personalised feeling to it.

gift ideas to touch the hearts of your loved ones by Helen's Journey Blog

So, there you have it, a list of handy gift ideas you could use to make your loved ones feel special and give occasions such as Birthday’s laughter, smiles and love when they open these presents. These gift ideas will leave the recipient feeling loved, appreciated, valued and most of all feel they are worth the effort of finding them the perfect gift just for them!

Why not share in the comments what was the best birthday gift you’ve ever had, to help others in their quest for the perfect gift for their loved one…

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