Welcome to my virtual diary, for my footsteps of discovery! Replacing things in my everyday life in search of a more natural approach to my lifestyle, diet, beauty regime, health & mental health. I look forward to sharing my footsteps with you on this enlightening path for my Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit!

What subjects does Helen’s Journey Blog cover?

The menu at the top of the website pages list the different subjects I post about.

However, below is a more detailed breakdown of the menu I’ve created, as well as future menu items I will continue adding to Helen’s Journey menu as I write more and more blogs to add to the collections…

Here I share my discoveries as I strive to live a more natural life. Reducing the use of chemical products around the home to lower my toxic load to reduce chemical sensitivity. My steps at reducing plastic use & what natural substitutes for things I’ve discovered along my journey. Also follow my Beauty Journey as I follow the route of replacing ‘normal’ everyday beauty products full of chemicals with more natural alternatives

The sharing of my wellness and positivity journey will cover mental health, self-love, affirmations, gratitude, positive thinking and sharing my journey of not giving up. The importance of the art of breathing (yes believe or not there is a science to it but that’s for its own blog in the future!)

My Spiritual Journey of inner peace, gut instincts, prayer, faith and hope. The Soul needs the things that bring us joy and makes us feel alive! My soul craves natures beauty and goodness and all things that bring happiness and smiles, that I love sharing with others to make them smile too! 🙂


    Along my health journey I’ve had health issues ranging from limited physical ability because of Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic sleep disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS (the list could continue)… I have a range of health issues to share my experience on.

    For the last 11 years, I have run my own support group on Facebook for Fibromyalgia and chronic Illness sufferers and none sufferers for awareness and understanding. Please feel free to click on the group name below and join the group for information, support, encouragement, help, advice and awareness:


    I also bear my soul here by sharing some of my poetry with you. This is my therapeutic and imaginative way of expressing myself creatively.

  • LIFE

    My Life Journey will cover everything from how I keep organised, quotes that encourage me, female empowerment – to sharing my life lessons learnt along the way.

    Sharing my journey learning to live with our mix of emotions in life and deal with hard times, keeping a strong spirit to deal with all life’s many situations and struggles.


    I think it’s helpful to share my experiences of writing a blog, being a blogger, how I’ve built my blog following etc. You don’t even have to be a blogger to read them and get a glimpse into the world of being a blogger.


    Helen’s Journey Blog has been nominated for various blogger awards and each award post includes an interview where I am asked questions for readers to get me know me better and see a more personal view of the lady I am and the life I lead away from my keyboard.


Here is a ‘Collection of Christmas Reflections‘ inspired by my own Christmas season photographs I’ve taken. A nice way to prepare for the New Year remembering things like; being present in the now, standing strong when things seem against you, remembering how fragile life is, remembering the joy in the small things in life, etc. But these reflections have lessons that are relevant to read any day of the year!

Here you can find a list of every blog ever posted in order of release rather than split into the menu categories above.


STILL TO COME as my fingers continue to write away;

NUTRITION: Nutritional information, Recipes, Juicing, Smoothies, Gluten Free Eating, Reviews, Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements etc…

BODY: My Body Journey will range from physical exercises and stretches, to understanding inner bodily functions.

LIFE: DIY projects, my travels around the world, books I’ve read, event reviews etc.


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