Top Ideas for how to show kindness to others through ‘Random Acts of Kindness’

This post is to encourage everyone everywhere on these kindness awareness day’s (and every day of the year) to be KIND and it will give ideas of just how we can show kindness in the world we live in – as well as in the digital online world where kindness is needed more than ever!

“In a world where you can be anything – be kind!”

Caroline Flack RIP

Well, they do say “You learn something new every day” or as my Mom, and her Mom before her used to say: “Every day is a school day”! Today is no exception as I discovered via the enlightening world of Twitter that today 17th February is actually ‘RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS DAY’ in the USA. I’m sure my overseas readers will forgive me though, as here in the UK we celebrate ‘World Kindness Day’ on 13th November each year as an alternative. However, regardless of when things are done in your part of the world, this relevant encouragement for kindness and ideas of how to be kind to others, is for everyone from everywhere at any time!

First of all I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote as an encouragement to others to just be kind to people as you never know what is going on behind closed doors or how much your actions, words or lack of either can affect people. I hope it reminds you how powerful kindness can be and why it is needed. You can read more about the inspiration behind this poem by clicking on this blog post link: ‘Never Judge A book by it’s cover’ poem inspiration

Top Ideas for showing kindness to others by ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’

I am going to split the ideas into different sections to cover things we can do to show kindness to strangers, how we can show kindness to those we already know in community settings, how we can show kindness to our loved ones and also remembering how we can show kindness to ourselves also!

Ideas of ‘Acts of Random Kindness’ you can do for strangers

  • Smile at others
  • Try not to push past people as you are commuting and be more aware of people’s presence around you and remember everyone is fighting their own battles too.
  • Queue in order
  • Hold the door open for the person walking through it after you, it takes less than a minute of your day.
  • Give up your seat for a pregnant person, old person or a mom struggling with kids.
  • Ask someone if they need help if they look lost, you can always use map apps on your phone if you don’t know the answer.
  • Leave a comment or like on a blog post such as thins that you have enjoyed or found useful.
  • Check out petition websites and sign relevant petitions that you agree with, websites such as: / / UK Parlament Petitions / /
  • If the person at the till before you has to put something back as they dont have the money, offer to pay the difference for them.
  • Smile at the parent whose child is being playful, noisy,upset etc to show you understand children will be children regardless of setting and they don’t need the pressure of harsh looks from judgemental onlookers.

Ideas for ‘Acts of Random Kindness’ in community settings, like work, university, Church, the Gym, Neighbourhoods etc

  • When you cut your own lawn, ask a neighbour if they would like you do their lawn as well. Or cut the grass of n elderly or disabled neighbour who wouldn’t be able to do it themselves.
  • Offer to make others a drink when you are making yourself one.
  • Compliment someone on a good job they did.
  • If you like the pattern on someones tie, tell them.
  • If you and a core group of people go to lunch together or for an after work drink – maybe open up the invite to others you work with.
  • If someone is sitting alone, you could ask them if they mind you sitting at their table too. You don’t have to talk, you can just say thank you and sit down while you share a smile.
  • If someone leaves rubbish on the table in a community setting, clear it away when you get rid of your rubbish too.
  • If you see rubbish on the floor or on the beach, maybe you could put it in the bin? (Gloves permitting I understand lol)
  • Try to speak to a new person in your class each week or each day depending on your confidence or when you get a chance.
  • When you have to choose groups for group work, try to include people who may be left out.
  • If you finish your book on the way home, see if there is someone else who would like to have it off you to read and ask them to pass it on after they have finished it too.
  • Pay it forward by paying for a drink for the cashier to give to someone who looks like they need it.
  • Sponsor someone in your community groups when they are doing acts of charity
  • Share your Bible with the person next to you in Church when you the Pastor shares the sermon’s Bible verses, read it yourself then see if the person next to you wants to read it out of the Bible themselves as well.

Ideas of ‘Random acts of Kindness’ to do for your loved ones:

  • Look at their Amazon ‘Wish List’ and surprise them by buying them an item.
  • Have flowers or a gift delivered to their home as a surprise. Or take them around to their home.
  • Post them a picture or painting your child made. (esp if it is a grandparent or elderly relative).
  • Offer to cook dinner for someone who cooks all the time.
  • Arrange that lunch or dinner meet up you have been meaning to sort out for months.
  • reply to that text or email that you keep putting off and forgetting about.
  • make the cups of tea
  • Do an errand a loved one usually does to give them a break from doing it
  • put the clothes washing on instead of always having it done for you
  • Buy a loved one their favourite flowers
  • run a bubble bath for a loved one to relax and unwind
  • book a massage for a loved one
  • Visit an elderly neighbour and ask if there is anything they need to neighbours to help with (cutting grass, gardening etc)
  • Take the widow living on your road some flowers

How you can show yourself ‘Acts of Kindness’

Not only is being kind to others something we can forget as we get swept away with everyday life, but we can also completely forget to look after ourselves as we are busy looking after everything else on our responsibility list. So here are a collection of blog posts I’s encourage you to read to encourage, self-kindness, self-love, self-help and self-care:


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14 thoughts on “Top Ideas for how to show kindness to others through ‘Random Acts of Kindness’

  1. Such a great day to have. It might help remind and encourage people to do nice things and spread more kindness a little more often. Such a sweet poem and I love your suggestions, you’ve covered so many good ideas for different situations and there are plenty that are free and do-able. Even the smallest of things can make a big difference to someone else.  ♥
    Caz xx

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  2. I totally missed random acts of kindness day here in the US, but this is such a great concept. I always tell my kids, they can do anything in life and I won’t be angry with them or disappointed, as long as they are kind!

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