Aldi’s ‘Heated Throw’ Product Review of its Top Features and Functions

If you read my latest ‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week Series’ you’d know I am a big user of electric heat pads for sore and painful muscles. I have gone through soooooooooo many electric heat pads that eventually just overload from such extensive use and stop working. I can’t deny that I have murdered many over the years!

So when my Sister, @libby.artist on Instagram, and fellow chronic pain warrior saw that the supermarket Aldi were bringing in a ‘Heated Throw’ as one of their featured special deals – as you can imagine we got super excited to try this, instead of the normal electric head pads that we had become so used to.

So the very day they were arriving in our local Aldi store (24th October 2019) my Sister was right there getting one for me and one for her. We both LOVE them so much that I wanted to do a product review post to share all about them with my readers and social media followers as they have so many great selling points…

Top Features of this ‘Heated Throw’ from the supermarket Aldi:

⭐ This throw is not only snugly from the heat it generates from its heating function, but also a comforting element from the feel of the throw itself too. It has a velvety material underneath (the black material in the image below) and on top a short but super soft faux fur available in two shades of grey, a lighter grey and a darker grey.

⭐ Another positive is its size, as its big enough to cover even a XL adult as it measures 62′ by 47′ or for those like me who use m/cm it measures 160cm by 120cm. I know right, that can provide heat for a way bigger area than most of the electric heat pad sizes. Which means I have extra muscles feeling the love of the heat by using this over the heat pads. For those who still need help with imagining the size, here is a photograph of it laid out on a double bed and as you can see it nearly covers it all:

⭐ For those with pain brain, baby brain, old age brain or just aren’t good at learning how to work a new toy – don’t fear as the digital display is so easy to use with only two buttons. One button is clearly marked with” on/off” which is self explanatory, the other button with an image of three heat waves controls the heat settings from 1 to 6, the number selected is shown in red lights on the display. keep pressing to this button to change the heat setting number.

⭐ For those who are prove to spilling things, or have messy kids or pets that may mean the throw needs a wash, well don’t fear this throw has a detachable cord and then can be popped into the machine as it is machine washable, then you lay flat to air dry. Bonus for those chocoholics like me that always seems to get melted chocolate everywhere – oups.

This detachable cord means you have the option to take off the cord and just use this throw as a cosy blanket without the heating element being switched on. Handy if you want to walk around the house with it wrapped around you or even use it in the car!

⭐ As previously admitted I have killed many a heat pad, so I felt more confident knowing that this heated throw came with a 2 year warranty! This made paying the £ 34.99 even more worth it to me, as over a two year period that the product is guaranteed for, divides down to roughly £ 1.46 a day! It has been worth it to me so far this Autumn and Winter alone, let alone another two to go…

To view this product on the Aldi UK website in a new window/tab click HERE. (As there are Aldi’s in many countries around the world, you will have to search online in your own country to see if available.)

Aldi’s Heated Throw : An extra large heated throw blanket, with 6 heat settings, 2 year warranty, easy controls and super soft faux fur top lay.

Overall both me and my Sister are both super happy with our heated throws and would both recommend them. We have given them 5 stars as we can’t think of any downsides to this item, other than why weren’t they in our lives sooner! 😉

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5/5 from Helen’s Journey Blog

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22 thoughts on “Aldi’s ‘Heated Throw’ Product Review of its Top Features and Functions

  1. These sound absolutely amazing, a heated throw would be so useful in this weather when it’s cold and a bit drear outside. It’s great you could find any negatives too x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes mine gets hot enough for me (Fibromyalgia pain) and I haven’t had any trouble with the heating elements in mine. However the heat builds up, it doesn’t get really hot straight away. If mine wasn’t heating up enough or evenly like some reviews say, I’d take it back and get a different one to try, esp as it has a 2 year warranty. So I felt covered if I have any issues with it myself to still get one to try. Hope that helps 😊


    1. Thanks Kat, it is a great neutral colour I think so would suit esp if your decor is greys. the heated element makes these fluffy blankets so much more cosier esp in the winter. All you need is a hot chocolate in hand lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As the temperatures are getting cold a heated throw would be great! I have been super cold all day and think if only I had one of these, I could get nice and comfortable. Cold weather makes me tense up and that just causes a lot more pain. Thank you for sharing this!.

    Liked by 1 person

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