Fibro-My-What a blog post all about the health condition fibromyalgia by facebook chronic illness support group leader Helen's Journey

“Fibro-my-what?” Let me explain… All about the health condition FIBROMYALGIA

"Fibro-my-what?" Let me explain... All about the health condition FIBROMYALGIA! The 12th of May is 'Fibromyalgia Awareness Day' - So what better way to become aware than by reading this blogpost all about it...

helens journey quote about appreciating the small things in life you can do, not big things you cant do

3 day Quote Challenge – Day 1 of sharing a quote I love & why I chose it

3 day Quote Challenge - Day 1: I love a challenge, so being nominated to do a 3 day quote challenge, when each day you choose a quote to share and explain your reasons for choosing it - of course I accepted! Here is my choice for Day 1...