My Bargain Denim Jacket’s from Charity Thrift Shops, to support Sustainable Fashion Choices

Everyone loves a denim jacket right? To me it is a staple item in my wardrobe, especially in my Spring and Summer wardrobes. I just love a denim jacket as a lighter jacket alternative esp on a cool evening, when no coat would be a bit cold and a full jacket would be too warm. Denim jackets to me bridge that gap perfectly. So it’s no wonder when I visit Charity Shops and Thrift Stores, that the denim jackets always catch my eye. Let me share with you these bargain second-hand denim jacket finds I couldn’t resist…

Some of you may know from reading my post #SecondHandSeptember Challenge not to buy any brand new clothes for 30 days, to help encourage ‘Sustainable Fashion’ in a ‘Fast Fashion’ world that this month I am only shopping in charity shops and thrift stores. So it’s no wonder I have bargain denim jackets to share with you.

First up is this month’s purchase – a white denim jacket, because I have never had a colour other than blue denim before and it is a great neutral colour to go with every outfit and for the bargain price of £ 4.99 ($6.20) .

This was from a charity shop called ‘British Heart Foundation’ which is a charity that raises money for research into heart disease and all things heart health related. As two of my Grandparents both died of heart failure, it is a charity close to my heart (pardon the pun).

TIP: When looking at white items in Charity and Thrift shops, don’t let marks but you off, as with a good white cleaner product, you can have your second hand whites looking brand new in no time!

Bargain Second-Hand Denim Jackets from Charity Thrift Shops, to support Sustainable Fashion Choices

If you have read my review of ‘Chevin Cross’ 32 foot Easter Cross Instillation in Leeds, West Yorkshire you’d know I was in the area on a family holiday. While there we visited the local town of Ottley and of course visited the charity shops that were there too (we love a bargain!) It is here that I found an item I had been looking for, for a while now.

I used to have a long sleeve denim jacket but unfortunately It was stolen many years ago now off a coat hook in a community centre. I hadn’t replaced it as I had a mini denim jacket that came only half way down your back in length and had shorter 3/4 length sleeves. However, in the cooler evenings the bottom part of your arms out in the elements could get cold. So when I saw this long sleeve and longer length denim jacket, I couldn’t say no! And for the bargain price of £ 5.00 ($6.21)!

Why we should shop second-hand to encourage ‘Sustainable Fashion’ rather than ‘Fast Throwaway Fashion’

I don’t know if you are a charity shop hunter like me or you have never really been into one. However, maybe it is something you can think about doing next time you see a charity shop or next time you need something new. You would be surprised what you will find in there. Plenty of times I have also brought brand new items with their original shop labels on, as they have been donated to the charity shop but have been unworn by their previous owners. So sometimes you are buying brand new things but in a second hand shop – what an enjoyable opposite! 😉

If the bargains you can find isn’t a big enough drive to shop second hand, what about doing it to help the environment and our planet as a whole?

If you’ve read my other blog post: ‘My top thrifty charity shop finds! (Click blog title to read it in another window) then you would of seen this dress in the photo below, that I also got from a charity thrift store. Here I have put both of these second-hand items together to make this outfit. I don’t think you can tell it is second-hand at all and it shows what a great outfit second hand items can make!

Do you agree? Are you convinced to go look at second hand clothes if you don’t already? Let me know in the comments…

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16 thoughts on “My Bargain Denim Jacket’s from Charity Thrift Shops, to support Sustainable Fashion Choices

  1. Oooo brilliant finds, Helen. The BHF really is fantastic in their work, and I can see why it’s ‘close to your heart’ (good pun, even if unintended!) because of your grandparents. We have a local BHF but it’s furniture only, not clothing, which is a shame as I never say no to a little clothes browsing. That white denim one looks really good on you! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely, I’m really chuffed with the white one especially. Yeah I have a local BHF that is furniture & electrical goods only too. Then I travel further to a neighbouring town for the clothes BHF. Maybe search online see where you nearest clothes one is? You might be surprised if there is one closer than you think?! xx


    1. Yes we do have charity shops in most big towns in England. Not so much the small country villages though, they would have to travel – so probably a once a month visit for them too I’d say. I hope you find yourself a bargain the next time you go too…

      Liked by 1 person

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