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Remembering the REASON for the SEASON! A short Christmas Day Reflection to remember the life lessons the nativity story can bring to all.

This post is a Christmas Day reflection, to remember the life lessons that the nativity story can bring to all, believers as well as non-believers.

The big day is finally here; CHRISTMAS DAY! The photo I took that inspired today’s post is one inside my childhood Church St Boniface. As you can see, I perfectly positioned the camera to get the altar and the cross wall hanging in the photo, along with the Christmas Tree. For me, it is the perfect reminder of the reason we even celebrate Christmas! Although not the official date of Jesus’ birth (Yeshua (ישוע) in original Hebrew text) and also pagan origins of using evergreen fir trees that aren’t linked to this – it is what Christmas Time and the symbol of a Christmas Tree has meant for the generations of people alive today.

reason for the season christmas reflection

As I look at the image above, I see the Christmas tree representing the commercial side of Christmas, the presents, the tv toy commercials etc. Yet, I also see it as a communal point:

  • Where people gather around, as well as presents.
  • Families going out and choosing their tree together.
  • A group of people all decorating a tree together as a joint experience.
  • Children gathered underneath the tree on Christmas morning ripping open their presents.

Then in stark contrast in the distance you will see the beautiful and majestic altar and cross wall hanging. The cross representing the reason we even celebrate Christmas today – as Christmas is the start of the story with Jesus being born and the cross where he died representing the very act in which he was born to do.

I see the two being placed close together as a reminder to still put Jesus into Christmas;

  • The many children dressing up and reenacting the nativity story in their school plays.
  • Saying or writing CHRISTmas not Xmas which was designed to cross Christ out of Christmas, which is ironic as in the end it’s all about a cross anyways lol.
  • Choosing Christian Christmas Cards that have pictures of the nativity story on such as  the stable, wise men, shepherds, angels, the star, pregnant mary on the donkey etc.
  • Going to Church on Christmas morning or midnight Mass on Christmas Eve night.


Making the Nativity Story relevant to non-believers

Even if you don’t identify as being a Christian, remembering the reason for the season is for you also. For, if you believe it’s only a story then what an inspiring story to acknowledge and remember!

  • It is full of hope, wonder and amazement.
  • It has got community spirit from the shepherds.
  • Astrology and present giving from the wise men.
  • Spiritual support from angels and the spiritual realm.
  • A love so strong that Joseph sticks around to marry and look after Mary even though she’s pregnant & he didn’t take part in physically making a baby with Mary.
  • Strangers helping strangers in need out with stay in a free stable.
  • The hopes and dreams of all this baby would grow up to be and the responsibility on his shoulders from birth because of his fate to come….

What a story to remember this Christmas time! So please join me as we…

Remember the ‘Reason for the Season’

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11 thoughts on “Remembering the REASON for the SEASON! A short Christmas Day Reflection to remember the life lessons the nativity story can bring to all.

  1. Wonderful post Helene. Your post is so different and an eye opener. I love how you view Christmas, because these years we have lost what Christmas is all about but focus on the commercial side. Thanks for the post

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    1. Hi there, thanks so much for your feedback. I totally agree Chritmas has defo become commercialised and some people’s focus being on materialistic items etc. I think that was a driving factor in me doing my Christmas reflections to try and remind people to stop and remember what and why we even celebrate itinerary the first place! Glad you enjoyed the post, thank you and merry Christmas

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