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“LIFE IS LIKE A FRAGILE ORNAMENT” Christmas Reflection and a Life Lesson relevant for every day of the year!

Some people love Christmas & the joy in counting down the days with opening the days advent calendar door. While others get more stressed the closer the date gets to 25th December so they don’t enjoy having an advent calendar.

it makes you feel, I invite you to join me each of the 12 days till Christmas, as I share daily Christmas Reflections and of course an accompanying Christmas image! (I just love taking photos & sharing pictures so it’s only right each post is inspired by own own photos.)

Today’s chosen image below, is of crystal glass angel Christmas ornaments. To some maybe a reminder of the angels part in the nativity story, appearing to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds to deliver the News of ‘Jesus’ (originally ‘Yeshua’ in Hebrew).

When I first saw them in person, i just fell in love with them, so pretty and precious. However, looking at them today with fresh eyes, they make me think they represent just how fragile life can be. More of a reflection of what’s going on for me & my family right now, but a reminder for all.

angel ornaments christmas reflections helens journey
Life is fragile. precious and a treasure!

Yesterdays post relayed the importance of “PRESENCE over PRESENTS” this Christmas, but the message of these ornaments take it a step further… Don”t just be present in special moments with people but also value them for how precious they are! Memories with loved ones that will stay alive even when the people in them aren’t alive anymore.

These angel ornaments each hold a different symbol in their hands: one a heart, one a star and the third a trumpet. Looking at them through my creative eyes, each symbol carries with it an extra meaning.

christmas reflections of love with helens journey

The heart symbol, not only a symbol of love and I think of Joy also. So not only to value life, but to actually put our hearts into living it and enjoying it with joyous hearts.

The star in the Christmas story is a symbol of announcement and of navigation, telling the wise men of the Birth and to show them where to travel to find him. So knowing how fragile life is, we need to live it with direction and conviction. Knowing what your passion is, your purpose, your gift, your calling – it directs your life, your career, your hobbies. Those are your stars in life, telling you what you were born to do and following its direction.

christmas star reflections with helens journey

The trumpet is a much talked about instrument in the Bible, but especially in verses about the last days in the book of Revelation. As a nation in the UK we seem to feel uncomfortable in talking about death, but that is a big thing we should be thinking about esp if you believe a day will come where you either go to heaven or hell or for other religions if you become reincarnated etc. Maybe it’s a reminder that as I believe, there is a spiritual realm after death, that death or the afterlife shouldn’t be ignored?!

christmas trumpets with helens journey

The angels themselves a reminder of how precious life is, these crystal ornaments can get chipped, cracked and ultimately shattered into pieces. That is the reality of life, our life as we know it can be turned upside down in an instant. I’m not trying to be morbid talking about death, but instead, using death’s harsh reality as a push for us all to appreciate how easily life can change or be taken away. As a result we should value life even more! ❤

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