“Trying to stay STABLE, while we celebrate the Stable!” Day 6 of 12 Days of CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS with HELEN’S JOURNEY 

So todays countdown is 7 days until we wake up and it’s December 25th. For some the excitement of the season mounts as the days get closer, but for others it’s a real strain knowing they have less days than yesterday to complete everything.

However it makes you feel, I invite you to join me each of the 12 days till Christmas, as I share daily Christmas Reflections and of course an accompanying Christmas image! (I just love taking photos & sharing pictures lol)

Todays chosen image below is of a nativity scene, complete with stable but no star 😉


Some of you may have noticed, that there wasn’t a post yesterday for day 5 of the Christmas Countdown posts, that’s because I had a bad Fibromyalgia flare (the chronic health condition I suffer with) and my body just said “NO!”

Now I could be hard on myself, make me feel like a let down and a failure as I wasn’t able to stick to the commitment I made etc. Now this is always a battle, as inside I’m still the same girl as before Fibromyalgia restricted me physically and my character is very driven, determined and committed to getting what I want or achieving goals I’ve set myself. However, physically, my body doesn’t give me the privilege of being that girl anymore, it doesn’t care what I want or what goal I had set myself, if it can’t manage it at that moment then my body isn’t doing it and if I try to do it then the punishment is 1000 times worse.

I’ve struggled with pacing as the girl inside me doesn’t want to listen to my body, pay attention to pain levels or have restrictions. Yet at certain times you have no choice – yesterday was 1 of those days!

So instead of stressing I decided to try to stay stable. No not the stable in the picture, that was just me enjoying doing a play on words for ya’ll 😉


  • (of an object or structure) not likely to give way or overturn; firmly fixed.
  • (of a person) sane and sensible; not easily upset or disturbed

I always think of things both mentally and physically, as I know too well what its like being restricted or affected beyond your control in both aspects of life. So looking at the description above of what stable means, I see the act of ‘staying stable’ as being both in body and mind.

The definition for structure being relevant for body – so trying my hardest not to let situations overturn me or cause me to give way, but to stay firmly fixed.

The definition for person being relevant for mind – so not letting things (like not being able to do day 5 of this writing challenge) upset me or disturb my balance but instead try to stay sane and also sensible.

This is so poignant for this time of year. It’s so easy to be so stressed, stretched and overloaded that we become unstable, when small things can cause us to become disturbed and overturn us. We cause people in our lives to walk on egg shells around us, scared of saying or doing something to tip us over the edge and unhinge us. That’s how much stability affects those around us as well as ourselves internally and physically.

So instead of choosing stress, anger or guilt from not doing a post yesterday, I accepted the disappointment. I chose to look at it from another perspective. I tried to focus on what I could do the next day instead of what I was unable to do. I read lovely comments people had made about my days 1 – 4 posts and it gave me smiles instead of frowns.

So when the roast potatoes burn, take lots of deep breaths, accept the disappointment & be glad you have mashed potatoes done. When the Mother-In-Law isn’t that impressed with her present, smile through gritted teeth and don’t let it take your stability away.

So todays reflection is a reminder from this – that in those times we have a choice = stress or stability. I hope this Christmas Season you choose STABILITY too.

Please join me tomorrow for Day 7 of 12 Days of CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS

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Each days chosen Christmas picture will also be shared on my INSTAGRAM  and my PINTEREST accounts too, so click the links and keep up to date with my Christmas Picture CHEER 😉   



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