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“EVEN SAND CAN STAND WHEN ITS DESIGNED TO FALL” So can we succeed when all the odds are stacked against us. A Christmas Reflection, but a Life Lesson relevant for every day of the year!

So the countdown to Christmas Day continues. Some people find counting down the days exciting, while others find it pressuring. However it makes you feel, I invite you to join me each of the 12 days of Christmas, as I share daily Christmas Reflections and of course an accompanying Christmas photograph! (I just love taking photos & sharing pictures so it’s only right each post is inspired by my own photos.)

Today’s chosen image that reminded me about keeping the HOPE of Christmas all year round, is a photo of presents under a Christmas tree. However this is no ordinary Christmas Tree, this Christmas Tree is actually made out of pure sand!!! This was part of the ‘American Sand Sculpting Championships’ in which no props were used to help this sand tree stay erect, off the ground and stay standing up high. These skilled sand sculptures use only sand, water & tools such as brushes, etc. I see them as skilled engineers 😉 Take a look, it is amazing…

christmas picture of a sand chrostmas tree by helens journey
Day 4 of 12 Christmas Image of a Sand Christmas Tree & Presents

This made me reflect upon hard times in life:

  • When things seem to be falling apart.
  • When everything around us is telling us to stop trying.
  • When things just don’t feel right.
  • When we feel everything is pointing to it being time to give up.
  • When we are seriously wondering what is the point anymore.
  • When nothing we try seems to be working.

Those times are when the critics of this sand tree pipe up; they question the science behind this erected sand tree being possible, they accuse the sculptures of cheating, they don’t believe the rules or honesty of the whole competition, they call it all a scam. They basically tear it to shreds.

My point; in those hard times listed above, stop your mind from turning into that sceptical critic! Instead, try to keep the HOPE of Christmas alive throughout the rest of the year.

The hope that no matter how many critics tell you:

  • To give up.
  • That your business idea is destined to fail.
  • Those doctors that say there isn’t anything left to try to help your health anymore.
  • That your goal is impossible with the limited tools you have.
  • That you are too limited by the rules & regulations from the government to succeed.
  • That you won’t be able to stand on your own two feet, etc

STOP. PAUSE. In your mind PICTURE this standing sand tree defying odds, and sand is actually standing & staying high into the air even when it’s designed to stay down on the ground. It has no rods inside to keep it from falling and it isn’t propped up. However, it is constructed perfectly to stay erect, even with the limited tools used.

REMIND yourself in those moments of doubt:

  • You can succeed if you keep trying.
  • Goals can be reached if you persevere.
  • You can stay standing even when things try to knock you down.
  • You can make things even when your resources are limited.
  • You can achieve even when restricted by rules.

That air of HOPE that Christmas brings, the magical mist that surrounds traditions, people coming together, people joining in, teamwork, supporting each other, helping others, looking out for the lonely, deprived or homeless… It shouldn’t all be restricted to only this time of year. Let’s try to be conscious of keeping it continuing into the New Year too and beyond!

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