“Keep OLD Traditions but don’t forget to make NEW ones!” Day 10 of 12 Days of CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS with HELEN’S JOURNEY 

Welcome to another of my ‘Christmas Reflections’, inspired by my own Christmas Photographs.

So today’s countdown is 2 days until we wake up on Christmas Morning. Yes only this weekend to go! This excitement is a lift for some who sail high on the Christmas Spirit, yet a drag for others who have so much to do they wish it was two weeks left before the big day not two days!

However it makes you feel, I invite you to join me each day this Christmas season, as I share daily Christmas Reflections and of course one of my accompanying Christmas Photos that helped inspire the reflections! (I just love taking photos & sharing pictures lol)

Today’s image brings the Christmas reflection of keeping old traditions but not forgetting to make new ones! As it shows my old angel and my new one:

old traditions v new traditions by helens journey
Now we all have our own Christmas Traditions when the Christmas season is here once again. Whether it’s the decorations, whats on the dinner menu, or whose job it is to wake the grandparents up from their naps as we are impatiently waiting for them to wake up so we can open up our presents 😉

Even when it comes to our Christmas Trees; there are some that cant wait to get it up and put it up before December even arrives, while others stick to the tradition of putting the tree up 12 days before Christmas. Then there is the traditions of who decorates it and how, if you stick to a colour scheme and specific design or just put things on however and wherever you feel like it.

One of the biggies in our house growing up was whose homemade angel was going to go on the top of the tree and who would put it up there as the last decoration to go on.

Now I made mine when I was 5 years old, as I’m sure you can tell by looking at it, so it sure took a battering over the next 25 years as it continued to take its turn on top of the tree. It is now retired from tree topping duty and is in my memory box resting its wings.

christmas angel made by helens journey aged 5

However, now living separately from my family home, the big decision was: Would I rigidly stick to tradition and place my very aged angel on top of my own tree?

While the angel rotation tradition was enjoyable and that is what I fondly think of when I look at my angel, I had to make the decision to start a new tradition and replace it with a modern angel and certainly a much younger model 😉

As you can see from the picture of the angel I made when I was 5, the years have taken its toll on it and the aging process like for ourselves defiantly shows – with malting hair and a hunched over back.

Well if you’re bending over backwards to stick to old traditions that have you breaking your back to do them the old way, even though they stress you out as the old ways just aren’t practical anymore – then maybe its time to replace them with new traditions?! Sometimes change is the best way forward… “Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!”

Please join me for tomorrows CHRISTMAS REFLECTION

Each days chosen Christmas picture will also be shared on my INSTAGRAM  and my PINTEREST accounts too, so click the links and keep up to date with my Christmas Picture CHEER 😉 

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pinterest keep old traditions and make new ones by helens journey



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11 thoughts on ““Keep OLD Traditions but don’t forget to make NEW ones!” Day 10 of 12 Days of CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS with HELEN’S JOURNEY 

  1. Ah sis, happy memories of the angel tradition growing up! We would always want our own angel to go on the tree haha! It is so sweet you have kept yours all these years xxx

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