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The dangers of Tunnel Vision and how to break down the walls to widen your perspective in life, to see solutions not just the problem!

Sometimes in life when we feel overwhelmed by it all, we can have tunnel vision because the thing that is overwhelming us, is all we can think about & see ahead… πŸš‡ However, if we learnt how to look outside the tunnel, then we could see the bigger picture!

How to change your perspective in life!

Don’t get stuck with ‘Tunnel Vision’ in life which restricts your perspective to only seeing the problem and not the solutions!

Just like in the photo I snapped used for this post’s images below; by not having tunnel vision, we also get to see the bigger picture surrounding the tunnel not just the limited views from inside the tunnel.

A photograph in Worcester UK to show how much more we could see if we don't have tunnel vision. Reflective blog post by Helen's Journey blog

Helen’s Journey Photography – taken in Worcester, England UK. By the side of the River Severn (which is Britain’s longest river!).

Just look at the difference! We are instead able to see the top of the tree above the tunnel, meaning we get to see the trees magnificence in height. When it’s a windy day we also get to see the tree tops dancing in the wind. Having tunnel vision can stop us from seeing the beauty that is all around us if we are unable to widen our vision.

Seeing the bigger picture outside of the tunnel means we get to see the sky up above. This changes our perspective as now ‘the sky’s the limit‘ not the roof of the tunnel being all you see when you look up for direction, help or some clarity!

Many situations in life can almost force us into the tunnel. For example with chronic illness the pain, fatigue and everything else that comes along with it can push you into the tunnel. Feeling like we can’t get a break from it all, can really give us tunnel vision as it all takes over us, our bodies and our minds. And understandably so.

For others life’s worries, anxiety or hard situations can overwhelm us and become the focus. That is why I wrote the post ‘Survival Tips for when life has you feeling overwhelmed’ because at times things can really pile on top of us and take over in life. It is a serious battle we can be more prepared for to help our survival through life’s tough times as best we can.

How you can break out of ‘Tunnel Vision’ to widen your perspective in life:

However, this post is just a gentle reminder to try and be conscious of life pushing you into tunnel vision. If you find yourself in a tunnel, this is a reminder to look outside of the tunnel that life has pushed you into, to break the barriers down and widen your narrowed perspective.

Even if you feel unable to actually get out of the tunnel, you can make an effort to try hard to find a sky light in the tunnel roof – at least then you will be able to see above the tunnel & see some light in the tunnels darkness!

Maybe it’s hearing the birds flying above chirping a relaxing melody, that reminds you of the joy to be had outside of tunnel’s worries.

Maybe it’s feeling the wind on your neck that reminds you to forget the strong winds pushing you down the tunnel and notice the breath of fresh air that will change your direction so you are instead blown with the same wind that makes the tree tops dance freely.

It will be different things for different people that will be able to entice us outside of the tunnel. For some their children, pets, faith, prayer, meditation.

Find whatever it is that gets you to notice the hopeful unrestricted sun rays outside of the tunnel, that shine down from up above in the unlimited sky that stretches as far as the eye can see! πŸ˜‰πŸŒ³πŸ’πŸ•ŠοΈπŸŒžπŸŒˆ

Find the piece of the puzzle that makes you see the bigger picture… Helen x

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