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WHY IS WELLBEING SO VITAL TO OUR HEALTH & HAPPINESS? How being a Wellbeing niche blogger is inspiring & my top Wellbeing posts of encouragement!

Why is our ‘Wellbeing’ so vital to our health and happiness?

WELLBEING definition:

The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

synonyms: welfarehealth, good health, happinesscomfortsecuritysafetyprotectionprosperityprofitgoodsuccessfortune, good fortune, advantageinterest,  ponderousness, successfulness

As you can see from the list of words above, ‘wellbeing’ is an important part of looking after ourselves and our minds, emotions, thoughts and actions. It is about creating and developing our wellbeing to put us in a place where we can thrive, grow, smile, experience joy, be happy, content, positive.

But more than that, to give us a wellbeing strategy for our lives, for dealing with change, to react to events and how we handle the hard times. It’s learning self-care techniques and doing activities and exercises daily to help our wellbeing. Such as these activities below you can do individually or together with your loved ones:

For me, after suffering from chronic illness for so long, I have learnt over the years we have to have a complete care package for our overall wellbeing that looks at not only the body, but also the mind and soul too. Thant’s why wellbeing is such an important topic to have blogs like this one talking about.

People need encouragement to look after, care for and develop their mental and spiritual health as much as they need it for their physical health. Not everyone feels comfortable asking for professional help and look to the internet instead – they would be even more left in the dark if there weren’t amazing and brave wellbeing bloggers out their shining a light by sharing their experiences and advice.

Why choose Wellbeing as a niche for a blog?

If you have read my post My ‘Why’ for Blogging – The powerful tool that is the written word & how it can be used for good! you would know that I started my blog not only to share my discoveries at changing my ways to be more natural, green, sustainable and toxic-free (which ultimately comes under environmental wellbeing) but along side that, I was brave enough to let myself open up and write wellbeing posts and poems as well.

Instead of strictly sticking to a blog writing schedule, I’m more of what I call a free flow writer and I literally just let my heart choose what I’m going to write about. I open the page and away I go as my fingers naturally just type away, letting my heart and soul spill out onto the screen .

It is a pleasure being a wellbeing blogger and writing on such needed topics. It isn’t always easy to open up and share, but things like the award finalist news I’m going to tell you about below, make it oh so rewarding!

A selection of the best wellbeing blog posts for encouragement and empowerment:

top wellness posts for encouragement and empowerment by helens journey blog

As part of my ‘WELLBEING’ strand to Helen’s Journey I have written about a wide range of topics from chronic illness, self-love, mental health, grief, forgiveness, rest, perspective, female empowerment, art therapy, life lessons… the varied list goes on and on.

> My ‘World Mental Health Day’ Spent With The Arts

> HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK when life makes you HARD ON YOURSELF! A free printable Affirmation, to encourage Self-Love, Forgiveness & Letting Go…

> “You are…” a SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION to remind us how AMAZING we are & the importance of how you speak about yourself!

> The Power of THANKFULNESS! Top Tips for logging GRATITUDE, to bring more happiness & inner peace into your life, through the joy of gratefulness! (Including a FREE Printable: WEEKLY GRATITUDE DIARY!)

> Life Lessons that the Season of Autumn/Fall can bring for us all!

> What I’ve Learnt from over a Decade with Chronic Illness! Top 5 Life Lessons Fibromyalgia has taught me;

> Survival tips for when life feels overwhelming

> How to work on self-worth and find self-value after life has knocked you down

> How to break down the walls of tunnel vision to change your perspective in life!

Poetry can also be used for highlighting and helping our Wellbeing:

As well as wellbeing posts, I also share my well-being poems to encourage, engage and evoke a response from the readers through the power of poetry and rhyme:

> Making Friends with Grief! How grief can sometimes be met in a more soothing way by making comforting choices.

> ‘Never Judge a Book by Its Cover’ ~ Poem by Helen’s Journey

> “We are Woman!” A poem & a celebratory post about the power of a woman (Esp the single & childless woman)!

> My Creative twist on ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ theme tune to share with you an emotional experience in my life

> “You will always be my favourite ‘what if'” Baby Loss Awareness Poem

Click HERE to go to ‘All Blogs’ on the blog Menu, which is a complete list of all Helen’s Journey blog posts to choose from or click on the blog title or  poem title above to open the specific post to read in another window/tab.

Helen’s Journey Blog is 1 of the 8 bloggers chosen as a finalist for the ‘WELLBEING UK BLOG AWARD 2019’

So very proud and excited to share the great news that I have been chosen as 1 of the 8 finalists for a UK Blog Award 2019 in the wellbeing category. There were 102 nominees that people could vote for and that a judge had to critique. Out of that many bloggers it is an honour to be in the top 8 especially, as I have only been blogging for 15 months.

Helen's Journey Blog is a wellbeing blogger finalist uk blog awards 2019 top 8 out of 102 bloggers

I  was against some bigger and more established blogs in time comparison and following and I suppose I naturally thought they would get through as they had the most followers to vote for them. However, it has been a great reminder to me that I shouldn’t compare and over analyse, as you really just don’t know where you stand or the chance you actually have at an award or competition until the results come in!

I started this blog in October 2017 when I was broken, hurt and had finally just got out of a long-term toxic relationship. Now I write this blog from a place of healing, happiness, growth and a whole new perspective – that in itself is a wellbeing journey in its essence (hence the blog name I chose ‘Helen’s Journey’).

It is amazing what can change in a year! Being a finalist for this award, is in itself, a reward for me – a reward for the fact I have come out of bad and turned it into good.

To be chosen from so many bloggers has given me a confidence boost. Another confirmation that to me I am right to be sharing my story and letting my voice be heard in a way it wasn’t before. I even started sharing my poetry which I have written since I was little but never shared publicly. I’m grateful for the recognition.

For everyone who was nominated, if you got through or didn’t – know we all play an important and inspiring role as bloggers of all niches. We are all winners as blogging is not easy – its time-consuming, emotion zapping and can be complicated. So I want every blogger nominated in the first round of the UK BLOG AWARDS 2019 to receive my own ‘nomination award’ for being recognised in the blogging world in the first place. As really we all deserve an award whether its fictional or not 😉 Need convincing, read this:

Thank you again to all my readers and for everyone who voted for me! The next step to the awards is for a VIP panel of blogger judges to study the finalists blogs and mark them against listed criteria. The results will be out in April 2019. Best of luck to all finalists involved in all the niche categories!


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19 thoughts on “WHY IS WELLBEING SO VITAL TO OUR HEALTH & HAPPINESS? How being a Wellbeing niche blogger is inspiring & my top Wellbeing posts of encouragement!

  1. Wooohoooo, that’s fantastic! I’m so glad you made it through to the final, it’s very well deserved. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in April!
    Brilliant post, too. When you say about how “we have to have a complete care package for our overall wellbeing”, I totally agree. Wellbeing encompasses a multitude of things from all areas, it’s not just physical, nor mental. It’s about wellbeing in finances, in work, relationships and everything in between. Actually breaking it down into areas I think makes it a little easier to see what’s working and what needs a little more focus, and it’s when we meet our needs and treat ourselves with kindness overall that we can start to feel better in ourselves, mentally, physically, emotionally. Very well said! 🙂
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love this comment Caz, it hits the nail on the head with the wellbeing message I was trying to put across in the post. As chronic illness sufferers we can follow the lead of certain doctors only focusing on the body, but as you say the mind and gut as well as everything else impacts on what the body is doing and reacting too as well. So it’s that cycle made up of many parts you describe here. great comment ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Helen, many congratulations on being one of the finalists… of only 8, that is huge!! Very well deserved – oh, I love the rest of the post too and hope you don’t mind but I added your link in my regular feature Monday Magic (see the pingback!) Well done! Claire

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alexx, Thank you I’m really glad I listened to what God put on my heart to write about, as originally it was just a natural living blog. So I’m glad I was open and found this natural direction with my niche.

      you too are playing your part for wellbeing advocacy as a blogger sharing ‘faith and happiness’ ❤


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