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HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK when life makes you HARD ON YOURSELF! A free printable Affirmation, to encourage Self-Love, Forgiveness & Letting Go.

This post also includes a free printable affirmation, to encourage self-love, forgiveness & letting go…

How negativity affects your health and mental health:

Being too hard on ourselves has damaging effects, not only on our mental health but also our physical health too. It is scientifically proven that negative thinking and negative thoughts worsen a person’s health, lowers immunity and affects the brain’s function. Chronic stress, worry and negative emotions can unbalance our hormones and the brain needs a certain level of specific hormones to create the feeling of ‘happiness’.

That is why ‘self-love’ or ‘being kind to yourself’ is sooooooooo important in life, esp when you are already in ill-health or struggle mentally with issues of self or low mood.

don't be so hard on yourself affirmation free printable and encouraging blog post by helen's journey

Remember to give yourself a dose of Self-Love!

My regular readers will know I suffer from chronic ill-health from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and about 10 other conditions that decided to jump on in for the ride! lol. So for me, I think of self-love as another one of my medicines, hence me saying ‘a dose’ of self-love – IT’S TIME TO GET A HIT OF SELF LOVE RIGHT WHERE it is NEEDED! 😉

In my blog post ““YOU ARE…” A SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION TO REMIND US HOW AMAZING WE ARE” I cover the importance of speaking positively about ourselves and include an affirmation of positive things to say about yourself to remind you how amazing you are (If you haven’t had chance to read it yet, I highly recommend you follow the link at the end of this post.)

However, at certain times in life, we make bad decisions, we may hurt people in the process, we may get hurt ourselves. This post is about using self-love in these times of life too, in order to not be so hard on ourselves.

I’m sure all of us can think of something that we really beat ourselves up over or that we continue to be hard on ourselves about over and over again no matter how long ago it was.

STOP! It’s time to stop beating yourself up!

Download your free printable affirmation, to encourage self-love, forgiveness & letting go…

I wrote the following affirmation and drew the doodles too, that I want to share with you to help you stop being so hard on yourself and find a way to go forward positively.

I have made the affirmation image a FREE PRINTABLE for my readers. You could print this out and use it as a bookmark, put it by your mirror where you get ready each day or by your noticeboard where you boil the kettle. Just placing it somewhere to remind you to give yourself that much-needed positivity boost, a dose of self-love, self-care hug, self-help shot – whatever you want to call it, as the list of positive effects goes on…

Here are the words to my affirmation:

“I acknowledge my mistakes or mistakes done to me by others.

I have open eyes to see where things went wrong.

Yet now I am choosing to let it go and stop being so hard on myself.

I let go of any wrongdoing in the past and focus instead on the things that are right in my life at present.

I will take forward the lessons the past has taught me. as I choose to take steps forward and not backwards.

All I ask of myself is to give me a break, cut me some slack, I am worth forgiving or forgiving others for my inner peace.

I release the past, live in the now and embrace the future.”

Written by Helen’s Journey

Click here to DOWNLOAD the below FREE PRINTABLE AFFIRMATION: Helen’s Journey affirmation free printable PDF

don't be so hard on yourself affirmation written by helen's journey blog with doodle images by


We need to look after ourselves the best we can to try to feel the best we can inside and out. I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m just saying it’s important we try to do it and daily! Look at it like me, like medicine or just another supplement or multivitamin we need to take each day. Choose to feed yourself with self-love and bring positive steps going forward, out of negative steps of the past!

I have a board on Pinterest for all things ‘SELF’ and another for ‘AFFIRMATIONS’. I look at these quotes daily as part of my routine care plan for myself and my mental health. Here are the boards you are more than welcome to follow on Pinterest to use for encouraging yourself:

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