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‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series – joke about accumulating piles of washing up!

Welcome back to my ‘CHRONIC ILLNESS JOKE OF THE WEEK’ series , week 4. The name gives it away, it’s where I will be sharing a joke that can be appreciated by people living with chronic illness and also their loved ones. Yet for non-sufferers too, to give them an insight into our world of living with chronic illness and what it brings with it…

I run a Facebook support group ‘HELEN’S FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS & CHRONIC ILLNESS SUPPORT GROUP’ for people with chronic illness and their loved ones, I consciously make sure I share a number of jokes or lighthearted meme’s about life with chronic illness. The group members are able to laugh together, and acknowledge that there is a united struggle among chronic illness sufferers, so no one feels alone. This got me thinking, why not share this with my blog readers too? So I created ‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ series for us all to share a giggle too

Chronic Illness Joke of the Week! Week 4: Joke about accumulating piles of washing up!

“Why does cooking take like 5 hours and eating take like 20 seconds and washing dishes takes like 7 days and 7 nights?!”

At the beginning of my journey with chronic illness and chronic fatigue, I quickly discovered all the normal day to day activities that were now exhausting to do. Washing up was definitely on this list, esp if it was things that needed scrubbing as the Fibromyalgia in my arm muscles were like “NO, PUT THE WASHING UP BRUSH DOWN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE WASHING UP!”

This resulted in this joke being true – things would sit there for weeks sometimes *hand over face*. It was one of the jobs visitors to my house would do for me when they saw the mountain of washing up piled up in the kitchen. Luckily, my Dad is a ‘solve the problem’ type of guy. So he found a super-slim dishwasher that would fit in my tiny little kitchen for one, took out the cupboard from its designated space and instead out the cupboard up on the wall for me so I didn’t use storage. Then fitted it all up for me too. I know my Dad really is my superman, my hero and my carer all rolled into one.

So although I have a solution now, I can still appreciate this joke. Although I would edit the times for cooking and eating too, because really they take long too. Chewing can be so tiring when the fatigue is at its worst, the jaw can definitely get stiff and achy from chewing too. Oh the joys – I cant say it puts me off eating though, I love my food – just not the washing up afterwards! heehee 😉

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Wondering what Fibromyalgia is?

Don’t worry I’ve written a blog post to share more information, click HERE to read “Fibro-my-what?” Let me explain… All about the health condition FIBROMYALGIA!

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8 thoughts on “‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series – joke about accumulating piles of washing up!

      1. I actually don’t mind it though, it gives me the chance to take a break, watch something on tele, and just ‘switch off’ for a while (I know that goes against the whole ‘mindful eating’ thing, but when it’s so slow it’s pretty mindful anyway!) x

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        1. Oh for sure, we have to find what suits us individually when it comes to mindfulness too. As the perfect time for one, can be the perfect time to do something else for another. Glad it gives you some ‘switch off’ time x

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