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‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series – Joke about using lavender to help with stress

It’s that time of the week again, yes my ‘CHRONIC ILLNESS JOKE OF THE WEEK’. If it is the first week you are joining us, the title speaks for itself. It’s where I share a joke that can be appreciated by people living with chronic illness and also their loved ones. Yet suitable for non-sufferers as well, to give them an insight into our world of living with chronic illness and what it brings with it…

In the Facebook support group I run ‘HELEN’S FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS & CHRONIC ILLNESS SUPPORT GROUP’ for people with chronic illness and their loved ones, I share a number of jokes or lighthearted meme’s about life with chronic illness and the group is able to identify together, laugh together and acknowledge a united struggle so no one feels alone. So I thought, why not share this with my blog readers too! Hence ‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ series being created.

Chronic Illness Joke of the Week! Week 5: Joke about using lavender for stress…

This meme makes me laugh because sometimes you can jump on the bandwagon of something helping one of the symptoms of the illness you have and go over board just for the sake of trying – like this lady covering herself with lavender!

*Update* this ‘lady’ turns out to be a celebrity. Who knew? now me! lol. This image had no credits with it when I found it online, but a reader told me it is ‘Kristina Kuzmic’ and after I googled the name I see she is an actor who is the lady in question in this image. So hey you learn something new everyday, whether you are taught it in a courteous way or not 😉

It also makes me giggle, as right now I have a shed bursting full of hung upside down lavender. Don’t worry I haven’t lost the plot completely. It is lavender my Uncle gave me from his garden at my request, as I want to dry it out and make little lavender pillows for my bed to see if it helps with sleep. I read up on drying lavender and turns out that it is best to hang the bunches upside down in a dark cool place for at least 6 weeks. So in six weeks time imagine me lying in bed just like this with dried lavender all around me 😉 For now, my shed shown in the photo below, smells lovely!

Remember I post 1 joke a week and they can be found under ‘Chronic Illness Life’ from the blog menu or click each joke below for more giggles:

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5 thoughts on “‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series – Joke about using lavender to help with stress

  1. Did your uncle raise any eyebrows when you asked for a couple of bunches of lavender you could fill your shed with? 😆 This is a really good idea though, to get it purely and naturally for the bed pillows, rather than buying something and not being too sure of the quality. And hey, you may just have enough left over to lie in a bathtub full of the stuff, say a few chants, pop a little up your nose, click your heels three times and wish for all illness to disappear! 😂
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right! 😂 You should.of defo guest blogged on this one with that great added note hahaha defo had me LOL. Thanks for the extra giggle Caz!

      Ps; No my uncle has his own allotment and grows a lot of his own natural stuff, food, herbs etc. So he lucky entertains my ideas instead of roll his eyes at me like some lol. But hey,.I try the chemical meds so I may as well try the Earth’s too I say 😉😜😂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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