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‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series -Memory Problems Joke

Hi & welcome to my new series ‘CHRONIC ILLNESS JOKE OF THE WEEK’. Yes, you’ve guessed it, where I will be sharing with you a joke that can be appreciated by people living with chronic illness and also their loved ones. But also for non-sufferers too, to give them an insight into our world of living with chronic illness and what it brings with it…

Chronic Illness Joke of the Week!

Week 1: Memory Problems Joke

If you’ve read my post What I’ve Learnt from over a Decade with Chronic Illness! Top 5 Life Lessons Fibromyalgia has taught me! you would know that along with the pain and tears that chronic pain can bring, it also brings with it life lessons and a new perspective on things that you wouldn’t otherwise have. One of those lessons is to learn how and when to laugh instead of cry and how/why and when, to react with a laugh rather than frustration, anger and bitterness.

This is something that I enjoy sharing in my Facebook support group ‘HELEN’S FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS & CHRONIC ILLNESS SUPPORT GROUP’ for people with chronic illness and their loved ones. I share a joke or lighthearted meme about life with chronic illness and the group is able to identify together, laugh together and acknowledge a united struggle so no one feels alone. So I thought, why not share this with my blog readers too! Hence ‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ series being created.

“Why is it I can remember the lyrics to my favourite song in high school 20 years later, but I can’t remember why I came into the kitchen?!”

– Week 1 Memory Prolems Joke ‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series

Chronic Illness Joke of the Week series. week 1 joke about memory problems and brain fog by

Chronic pain, fatigue, sleep deprivation, etc all play a part in making our brains tired and affects our cognitive function. At times it is not being able to think of words, being unable to describe something, forgetting things like what we go into a room for. Other times its more serious like forgetting to switch the oven off, not knowing if you’ve taken medication or not, forgetting to take medication on time, etc.

So I am not making light of the serious side of this symptom, but just looking at a difference more light-hearted reaction to it and perspective of living with it. After all the meme is right, I can remember the words to Destiny’s Child ‘No, No, No’ including Wyclef’s rap, as if I’m still in my school uniform now, but can stand in the kitchen for the longest time thinking what on earth I went in there for! LOL!

I’ve lived letting these things frustrate me, embarrass me, annoy me and get me angry. But it really is a waste of emotions and bringing negative energy in – It can drag you down, worsen your mood and those emotions are tiring and draining. I can’t stop the brain fog aka ‘fibro fog’ I experience as part of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I can control my reaction to it, I can embrace it with a smile and a chuckle rather than chucking things around in frustration etc.

Jokes like this remind me to see the funny side, to laugh at the stupidest side of brain fog and not to take it all so seriously in the grand scheme of things.

I hope this weeks joke made my readers smile – let me know in the comments what song lyrics you remember from school or maybe you want to share the funniest thing you have forgotten?

Remember I will be posting 1 joke a week and they can be found under ‘Chronic Illness Life’ from the blog menu. Why not find this meme on my Pinterest below & pin it to your Pinterest too for future smiles, smirks and laughs:

Wondering what Fibromyalgia is?

Don’t worry I’ve written a blog post to share more information, click HERE to read “Fibro-my-what?” Let me explain… All about the health condition FIBROMYALGIA!

Join in the conversation in our facebook group. search - HELEN'S FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS & CHRONIC ILLNESS SUPPORT GROUP
Join in the conversation in our Facebook group. search – HELEN’S FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS & CHRONIC ILLNESS SUPPORT GROUP

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17 thoughts on “‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week’ Series -Memory Problems Joke

  1. Love this! I try to do a ‘funnies’ post every other month or so, and I totally agree where chronic illness is concerned that if you can make light of some of the symptoms and things you encounter, like brain fog & a naff memory, then it can take a little pressure off, to make it more tolerable on a day to day basis. I spent 10 minutes yesterday looking for my cardigan…which I was already wearing! 😂
    Have a lovely weekend, Helen xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heehee that’s a good one. I’ve done that with looking for my glasses and I was wearing them ha. Defo Hun, can lighten the load and lighten the mood. 👌
      Hope you have had a nice weekend, hopefully the weather will be okay this week and you won’t need your cardigan 😉😉 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Feeling the same way. Especially when I suffered from anxiety and depression. But looking on the bright side is always the best we can do. We should not let these things bother us. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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