A Poem Dedicated to my Angel Baby ~ ‘Baby Loss Awareness Week’ 9th to 15th October

Each year between October 9th through to 15th is Baby Loss Awareness Week, which gives those affected a time to share their stories, break the silence, raise awareness and seek support. For more information search online or on Social Media ‘Baby Loss Awareness Week’ or check out the website:

If you have read my post Using CREATIVE WRITING / POETRY / PROSE & SONG LYRICS, to express yourself & your inner emotions towards different experiences in life you will know that writing poetry is a therapeutic tool I use to process life experiences and release emotions.

So this year for ‘Baby Loss Awareness Week’ I decided to break some of my own silence, by writing and sharing this following poem expressing my intimate feelings after my own personal experiences in life regarding Baby loss.

I hope this poem touches hearts – whether hearts affected by Baby Loss directly or to help in their relationships with others whose hearts have.


You will always be my favourite what if.

The unreachable the other side of the cliff.

People say “one day you’ll forget” to me that’s a myth.

But time can give you and mourning an increasing riff.

Tears used to be a waterfall, now it’s more a silent tear and a sniff.

But the missing possibility of all you would’ve been, I will surely always miss.

I only got to carry you inside, not hold you or give you a kiss.

But it’s comforting to imagine you smiling in heaven where all is nothing but bliss.

I can still feel you inside of me although I know you’re really gone.

I’ve accepted I’ll never get to hear your voice, especially calling me Mom.

I’ll not get to hold your hand or pull you in close to get a hug.

I’ll never get to look down and see your face, as you give my clothes a tug.

In the winter we won’t get to drink hot chocolate and curl up on the sofa feeling snug.

What would have been your name, that I would have got printed on your own mug?

In the summer you don’t get to play with your cousins in the big water fight.

I won’t get to teach you how to swim or know your left from your right.

I think of you when I see other kids, even though you’re out of sight.

But I always try to show them my love, just like I’d have loved you with all my might.

Each anniversary I imagine you and I count the years that you’d be old.

My imagination runs away, creating moments made out of precious gold.

But then reality hits that you aren’t here, it’s just an imaginative story being sold.

But you are my favourite story that will never be able to be told.

I know you’re safe in Heaven with God and no sadness you’ll ever know.

I can’t help but give you a smile, when I see people making Angel’s in the snow.

A part of me went with you and my eyes lost a part of their glow.

I don’t have the answer to my cry of why you had to go.

But I hold onto the thought of one day, me, you and God get to stand in a row.

So, until that day I’ll never forget you or the way you made me feel.

It doesn’t matter how long or short you were here; it doesn’t take away that you were real.

That bond of knowing you were growing inside, is an unbreakable seal.

Just because you didn’t make it out, doesn’t mean you weren’t the real deal.

Here’s to imagining your little fingers and toes or the way you’d wrinkle up your nose.

Here’s to all the memories we didn’t make because our book had to close.

No more entries or chapters to the editor I need to send,

Just blank pages and an end.

Poem by Helen from Helen’s Journey Blog

I have also made an image for the poem so it is easier for people to share – why not post this to your social media even if you haven’t been affected directly, it may help your followers without you even knowing. (please credit me when sharing, that is appreciated.)

I also wrote another poem regarding this subject on Mother’s Day, when I wrote a poem about the power of a women. I encourage you to read my Mother’s Day blog post about our ability to ‘mother’ even without our own biological children, whether we want them or not or are able to have them or not. Click the blog title below to read this encouraging and supportive blog post: “We are Woman!” A poem about the power of a woman and a celebratory post on Mother’s Day to all women (Esp the single & childless woman)

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17 thoughts on “A Poem Dedicated to my Angel Baby ~ ‘Baby Loss Awareness Week’ 9th to 15th October

  1. That is very beautiful and touching. I’m glad you have found peace and the courage to share your experience with others in hope that it would give them strength, and to know they are not alone ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Helen, sending a hug xx

    Baby loss awareness week is special in my family too. My sister lost two baby boys. One was born very prematurely and didn’t survive. The other, a healthy little boy, died from cot death at three months old. My oldest niece also lost her first baby to cot death.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So very sad. My heart hurts for them all. I think that’s why I wanted to share as once we open up and share about it, it touches so many other people who have experienced baby loss too. Thank you for sharing your families stories #breakingthesilence xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Helen, this was absolutely beautiful! It touched my heart deeply. 🤗 I know that it doesn’t ease the pain whatsoever but I am so genuinely sorry for your loss. God bless you for sharing your heart during this week of awareness. Your willingness to share your pain is helping so many others with theirs. I have shared your post on Pinterest. ❤ All my love to you and nothing but God’s best blessings for your life…. 🙏🏼


  4. This is absolutely beautiful and I can so heavily relate. The baby I’m having now is my rainbow baby, and I’ll never forget my first one. Thank you for writing and sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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