My ‘Why’ for Blogging

One of my reasons for wanting to set up a blog is the freedom to choose and write about real issues that I face without a limit on expressing my own personal opinions, in order to report in an unbiased way.

Whether its a new smoothie recipe I’ve tried or a review of an event I’ve attended – I want it to be honest with a dash of my humour thrown in for fun!

Starting this blog has just threw more axelerant onto the burning flame deep inside of me for the writer i used to be. I started writing poetry and playscripts in my teenage years and continued throughout my 20s as well as being published in a couple of magazines. Yet somehow in these 4years since turning 30 i haven’t written that much and instead I say it all in my head but don’t get it out on paper or screen. Something I need to change!

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Getting my fingers typing again just reminded me how much I’ve used written word as a way to deal with feelings, situations and as a release of emotional tension/turmoil. I want more and more people at any age in life to discover writing as this constructive method of dealing with emotions and different situations in life and how they make you feel.

How different would the younger generation be if they all learnt how to release feelings through written word? Rather than a public rant on a facebook status when in a vulnerable state & sometimes opening yourself up for other people’s unhelpful or hurtful opinions – what about diary entries, poems, raps, song lyrics, stage plays, film scripts etc? More of these forms of writing and less suicide notes is a prayer not only held by me but most and if reading your words could change this, change people’s perceptions and views for the better – then It would be a waste not to share them.

I can’t think of a better way to give a portrayal of true life than regular blogs by someone talking about their life, the real issues they face and their views on the world they live in (rather than the world as it’s portrayed by the Media and Politicians, which is restricted by reigns of big bosses and political pulls – but that’s for another blog! 😉)

Therefore, this blog is a perfect way to let my hands freely type, as life unfolds, as the issues on my heart churn away and the clogs in my brain naturally turn!

So, I better get blogging to keep track of this enlightening journey of life…

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14 thoughts on “My ‘Why’ for Blogging

  1. Adine @ Average To Awesome says:

    I think that’s a great ‘why’! And it’s also a great way – at least, that’s how I feel – to process your thoughts. If I write about something, I’m often thinking about it more, and do more with it. It really stimulates growth, and by sharing it with others, it can help them with the same process as well!

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