USING CREATIVE WRITING, POETRY, PROSE & SONG LYRICS - TO EXPRESS YOURSELF & YOUR INNER EMOTIONS! my creative twist on the fresh prince of bel air theme tune, in order to share with you a story of a rewarding life experience.

Using CREATIVE WRITING / POETRY / PROSE & SONG LYRICS, to express yourself & your inner emotions towards different experiences in life!

Using Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose and Song Lyrics - to express yourself & your inner emotions, towards different experiences in life! MY CREATIVE TWIST ON 'THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR' THEME TUNE, TO SHARE A REWARDING LIFE EXPERIENCE WITH YOU!


Making Friends with Grief

May all our friendships with grief blossom, to radiate the love we feel for the ones we mourn. Now that may seem like a weird thing to say. Just how can we make friends with an emotion that comes from loss and despair? Well...