Top Choices for Reusable Hot Drink Cups! Handy comparison guide and tips how to cut single-use plastics and enjoy your coffee the environmentally friendly and non toxic way…

When it comes to coffee I’m really not your girl – I dislike the smell and the taste! (Sorry, not sorry!) However, when it comes to changing your habits of using plastic cups, lids and other non-biodegradable materials and not knowing how or where to find natural alternatives – I am most certainly your girl for the job! So, I got to work and made this handy comparison list for reusable cups, flasks, and bottles for your hot drinks on the go.
I put together these top choices for when you are looking for a reusable hot drinks cup for yourself or a loved one (as they make a great practical gifts too!) The best part about it is you get to reduce the amount of single-use plastics being used as you make the switch to reusable. = Top marks from David Attenborough if you need more persuasion to make the switch, after all who can resist that national treasure!

Top Comparison Guide for Reusable Hot Drinks Cup options!

Firstly, let me share with you why I made this comparison guide and why it is even a good choice for everyone to ditch single-use plastics and switch to reusable options. Then I will share my list of top choices further on in the article.
I was chuffed when my uncle told me he had read my blog’s specifically the ones in the ‘Green Living & Natural Products’ section of the blog. Firstly for the sign of support shown even if he wasn’t familiar with the whole concept of the blogging world. Yet, I was even more touched when he specifically mentioned how my blogs highlighting the dangers of using plastics for our health and the environment, had got him thinking about his own use of plastics.
To know my words can help to bring around more positive changes for people’s health and our environment, is a lovely and empowering feeling! 😀
The main thing for him being a coffee guy was asking me if I’d help him find a suitable reusable coffee cup he can use for his drinks on the go. Of course, I jumped at the chance to share some of my research with him and then, of course, I couldn’t pass on sharing it with my lovely readers too!
Even if like me you aren’t into coffee, the options below can still be used for tea, herbal teas, soups and other hot beverages. As well as for presents for the coffee drinkers in your life! When you do secret santa at work and don’t know what to get – this would be a perfect choice for colleges to have their morning coffee in on the commute to work.

Why everyone should refuse single-use plastic and get a reusable cup!

You may ask “Why does it even matter what cup I use for my hot drinks on the go?” Well like my Uncle did, I’d encourage you to read both of these blogs I did on the subject of the dangers of plastic to our own health and the health of wildlife and oceans, etc:

What type of reusable cup is best?

Here are my main points to look out for or investigate with each product available is:

  • Is it made from natural materials? (Bamboo, Stainless Steel, Glass, etc) Biodegradable?
  • If it is plastic, Is it BPA free? (because of the chemicals that leach out plastics into the drinks that can affect our hormone levels, health, fertility, cancer risks etc)
  • Does it have a coating on the material and if so is it a non-toxic coating?
This is important when it comes to the item being healthier for humans to drink out of, as nasty chemicals leach out of plastics into our drinks esp when heated or left in sunlight.
It is also important for the environment and wildlife, that they are made from eco-friendly, recyclable or biodegradable materials instead of plastic, that is harming wildlife, polluting oceans and cluttering coastlines. So now for the list of available products…

top choices for reusable, eco-friendly and biodegradable coffee cups by Helen's Journey blog


Comparison Guide: Top Choices for Reusable Hot Drink Cups

So, from my research here are some options for you when it comes to eco-friendly, green living coffee cups and the specific places you can find them:

Stainless Steel Reusable Cups:

Stainless Steel is a good option as it can be cleaned in a dishwasher if needed, that is why I chose a stainless steel straw.

Klean Kanteen does a collection of stainless steel reusable cups that meets requirements, as well as food containers, straws etc.
Here is a link to their products:

Non-toxic BPA free & BPS free plastic cups:

If you prefer plastic then you can get non-toxic BPA free & BPS free plastic cups such as ‘KeepCup’ range.
This one is being sold in John Lewis Store UK (click on the name below to open in a new window):

However, you can do an internet search for other places stocking a wider collection in this range or simply search ‘BPA free & BPS free flasks’.


Pretty Patterned & Brightly Coloured Reusable Coffee Cups:

If like me you love colour and being flamboyant (mine is bright pink) then you’re more likely to prefer a block colour or colourful patterned reusable cup – after all, who said eco-friendly has to be boring?!
A really pretty range is ‘Ecoffee Cup & William Morris’ which are reusable cups made out of bamboo. You can order directly off their website, which at the moment has an offer on for 10% off your first order:

Glass reusable hot drink cup options

If you want glass, then these by JoCo are 100% BPA free, lead-free… the lid and sleeve are silicone: Click HERE to see JoCo Reusable Cup Collection
Why not pin the Pinterest image below to come back to this guide in the future:


How to reduce your use of single-use plastics!

In the UK shops such as Debenhams, John Lewis, Currys, TK Maxx, Home Bargains, Oxfam, Aldi, Lidl etc – do stock at least one option for reusable coffee cups.   Wherever you are, all over the world you can do internet searches for the specific makes I have mentioned above or search for the different alternative materials listed above also. You can then find those available to you locally in shops or alternative websites to order from for your part of the world.  

The main thing is from reading this blog, you will now know when you’re either out shopping or online shopping, exactly what to look for on the packaging and item description in regards to materials used.  At Least then, you know you are choosing a healthy, non-toxic option, for yourself and for the environment!  

There is a vast selection of eco-friendly, reusable, natural material Coffee Cups out there, for you all to be able to find one that suits your needs and tastes!Happy Exploring Everyone… Please feel free to comment on this post & let us all know which reusable coffee cup you get 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Top Choices for Reusable Hot Drink Cups! Handy comparison guide and tips how to cut single-use plastics and enjoy your coffee the environmentally friendly and non toxic way…

    1. Hiya, thanks for the feedback. Yes, they are a good investment & easy enough to carry around for those to-go hot drinks.

      Do I need a disclaimer saying im not responsible for people getting addicted to to-go coffee in their routines after this post gets them to buy a reusable cup?!? Haha 😉😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is a super helpful post, clearly there many reusable cups and options to pick from. I recently purchased a Keep Cup as my little way of cutting down on waste, because I definitely need coffee in my life haha x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah you really have to research and reading lots of the reviews to is a helpful thing. Sometimes it is better to spend more money for one that claims to be leak proof etc.

      So glad you found the recommendations helpful & insightful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m sure they would -lots of places are happy to do that here in the UK. A busy place like NY I’m sure they will be happy to use your own cup as it saves them an extra cup to use & make money on 😉 sell it to them that way haha. Let me know how you get on… (a feel a ‘use your own cup coffee date’ blog post coming on lol)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally hear you – esp herbal teas, I can drink my peppermint tea hot or once it’s gone cold, so I totally get the all day sipper title lol.
      Glad you found the info helpful – such pretty eco-friendly travel mugs available now too 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is an awesome post! I am just like you, I hate coffee. I actually love the smell but I just cant get past the taste of it. I think this is so important though. So many people get coffee everyday, so they should get a multi use cup!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the post & the message behind it too. I buy reusable plastic-free cups as birthday gifts for some of the hot drink buyers in my life, as some people would never think of buying one, so its a great way to get them to start 😉


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