Product Review: ‘Anayah Natural Skincare’. 100% natural, organic and handmade.

When using natural beauty products it’s a great idea to follow different brands on their social media channels. Then not only can you keep up to date with their current products and new products being launched, but you also get to see their offers, promotions and competitions too.

A local natural product company I follow is ‘Anayah Natural Skincare‘ based here in Birmingham UK, but available to order online. They ran an Instagram competition to win free samples – so I entered and guess what, I only went & won! 👏 (So the reviewed products below were gifted to me as part of their online competition.)

anayah natural skincare range with eco-friendly packaging-product review by Helen's Journey blog

As the competition winner, I was delivered a product sample pack to my house – which I loved straight away as it was environmentally friendly packaging, as it was given to me in a paper bag (see image above).

Inside was green shredded paper at the bottom of the bag as a nice presentation touch. The main product sample was a full-sized body butter 250mg, which was in a glass container. I struggle with opening jars and this was no exception, however, I do have a rubber jar opener lid gripper device I used to get it open (see image below and search online if you want to find one).

help opening jars when pain and weakness make it difficult - tip from chronic illness blog Helen's Journey

I also got three small sample pots of other products which were a nice touch for getting to try a range of products. However, these were in tiny plastic pots, which is something I’m sure the company are looking into finding an alternative if possible, as they are conscious of environmental issues and support greener living on their social media channels.

Anayah Natural Skincare products review by natural living blogger Helen's Journey

Company Review: Anayah Natural Skincare

“Anayah Natural Skincare, where homemade body butters, balms and creams are all made to order using the finest natural and organic ingredients.”

– Founder Soraya

Soraya, the company founder, started researching and experimenting with natural ingredients when she was pregnant with her daughter 5 years ago because of all the chemicals in pregnancy and baby products. Hence why her daughter’s name ‘Anayah’ inspired her company name. I think this gives the small family ran business, a really personal touch. It promotes the slogan ‘made with love’ as the products literally came out of a mothers love for her child and wanting to make them chemical free products for their precious skin.

I love their company slogan on their Etsy page: “Handmade butters, balms & pomades all made with organic ingredients and a spoonful of Love”

anayah natural skincare product range review by Helen's Journey blog
Products are also cruelty-free. However, there aren’t vegan as some of the products contain organic fair-trade beeswax as the only animal byproduct used.

Product Review: Anayah Natural Body Butter

The cream itself looked like a whipped moose hence its name ‘body butter’ which gave it a really smooth texture. At first, I found the smell unusual as ‘Ylang Ylang’ mixed with other essential oils, isn’t a smell I was familiar with and I found that a stronger smell than the lavender ingredient. Yet, it wasn’t a bad smell at all, just different to me. Yet, after a few times using it I didn’t even notice the smell anymore, as I quickly got used to it and it became a recognised scent.

The glass jar lasts a long time. That is because you only need a small amount of the cream at a time, as when you rub it in-between your hands it melts and becomes oily due to body heat – so the amount spreads further on the body. ‘A little goes a long way’ sums up this element of the product well.

Using it in the mornings meant my skin stayed moisturised throughout the day. However, my favourite time to use the cream was after my routine of getting ready for bed each evening, just so it could hydrate and soak into my skin throughout the night as I slept.

The best bit for me is knowing that what I’m putting on my skin is 100% natural. I have been using only natural products on my skin for 2+ years now and I’ve tried a range of different natural moisturisers but this body butter was one of the best for how it made my skin feel and the length of time it kept my skin hydrated for.

Function of the product: 5/5

It did exactly what a body butter should do – it really made my skin feel moisturised, smooth and soft.

Scent: 3/5

The scent didn’t put me off having the same body butter again, however it would be good to try new scents if available. Maybe something sweet such as rose or vanilla as the lavender ingredient didn’t seem the strongest scent to the body butter.

Branding: 5/5

The Companies branding was very strong. stickers with the company logo and slogan were placed on the front of the bag as well as over the top of the bag to keep it closed. The body butter jar had company branded stickers on it with detailed information about the product including a full ingredient list. A company brochure was also included inside the bag with a full list of available products, company information, etc.

Packaging 4/5

It only isn’t 5 out of 5 because the small sample pots are made out of plastic, a small reason and nothing to take away the great achievement of making 95% of the packaging environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable.

In summary, I feel Anayah Natural Skincare is a really good find. Great product and a professional but personal family ran business. I’m interested to find out more about these products and I’ll be ordering myself a new body butter for sure!

Available online:

Etsy: AnayahNatural / Facebook: Anayah Natural Skincare / Instagram: @anayahnatural

anayah natural skincare product review by Helen:s Journey blog

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7 thoughts on “Product Review: ‘Anayah Natural Skincare’. 100% natural, organic and handmade.

  1. I absolutely love using body butters! Especially those that are whipped. They’re light but super effective which means you only need a little product!
    This brand seems pretty amazing!!

    Erica Raquel

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Obsessed! I enter giveaways and think “no, you’re never winning that Marina” and won two Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes for the first time last year and it was an amazing feeling! I love natural skincare and products so these are right up my street, especially body butters – you’ll get used to that ylang ylang! x
    Marina Rosie x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marina, right its a great feeling to be picked out of so many – makes you enjoy the product you win even more! 😉 Yes I defo got used to the smell with continued use for sure, looking forward to smelling other scent options too though… 🙂


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