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‘Odeon LUXE’ A review of the luxury cinema experience; making watching films more accessible when you have physical ailments

ODEON LUXE – watching your films in a more luxurious way!

My local Odeon Cinema (Regal Cinemas in the USA) was out of action for a while as it underwent a refurbishment, but this wasn’t any old refurbishment with a new carpet and a dash of fresh paint. No, I’d call it more of a luxury makeover! You see it didn’t just get a new word in its name – it got a new identity. The ‘LUXE’ really is visible to see!

making films more assessable for people with physical ailments. review of odeon luxe cinema with leather recliner chairs by Helen's Journey Blog
Making cinema experiences more accessible for people suffering from chronic pain, fatigue and injury.

Sitting in each of the 12 cinema screens is now an audience pleasure, as each individual seat is a soft leather electric recliner chair. The easy to use electric control puts your feet up off the floor and tilts you back to an almost lying down position.

Of course, you take your finger off the control when you are in your own desired position. You can leave it as just a normal chair position if you’d prefer & just enjoy it for being a soft, more comfortable chair instead of taking advantage of its recliner feature.

Each seat also comes with an individual tray table with a cup holder in. The tables are adjustable so they can stay at the side of you or you can swivel them around In front of you, over your lap (I imagine this would be easier with eating something like nachos).

review of odeon luxe cinema with leather recliner chairs and individual table by Helen's Journey Blog www.helensjourney.comreview of odeon luxe cinema with leather recliner chairs and individual table by Helen's Journey Blog making films more assessable for people with physical ailments

Out in the foyer, you buy tickets from self-service ticket machines, but there are customer service team reps at the counters for buying your snacks and beverages.

This upgrade also includes a new bar selling wine, beers and spirits. As well as a new menu for hot and cold food that can be taken in with you to watch your film.

The adult standard ticket cost is £12.50 – for me personally, it was worth paying the few extra pounds just for the added comfort.

Using luxury cinemas to make watching films more accessible, when you have chronic pain!

As a sufferer of chronic widespread pain & fatigue, going to the cinema to watch a film isn’t something that comes easy as seats aren’t the most comfortable and you are stuck in the same position for a long period of time. However, going to the cinema when you have physical ailments is something that has defiantly become easier with more luxury cinemas being opened.

Fibromyalgia means staying in the same position for a long period of time increases pain, discomfort & overall stiffness when you move again. So being able to move around in the seat and change positions with the chair/raised feet element is really helpful.

This cinema also includes other facilities to make this cinema experience DISABILITY FRIENDLY with:

  • Accessible toilets
  • Wheelchair access to every screen
  • Spaces for wheelchairs and an accompanying seat next to it
  • Headsets with extra amplified sound
  • Infra red enabling Audio Description
  • CEA card initiative, which gives disabled cinema guests a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them. More info at:
odeon luxe cinema with leather recliner chairs, making films more assessable for people with physical ailments. review by Helen's Journey Blog
Recliner chair in its fully reclined position

Taking children to an Odeon Luxe cinema:

A more independently exciting experience for children, that gives them a treat in style and luxury!

I’ve now been to my local Odeon Luxe twice. Firstly, I attended with my six-year-old nephew and walking in and seeing the seats he was well excited! Having his own seat and own table must have seemed grown up to him. He definitely saw it as a treat which was perfect as it was his birthday. Under 12 child tickets are £7.50 or family tickets are available.

During the film, he was happy to find out that the arm in-between the chairs could be pushed up to huddle together to watch the film. This gives children extra security esp if there is a scene they find scary or they are unsure of. I’m sure the handy arms up trick comes in handy on a few date nights too 😉

Overall I give the Odeon Luxe experience a huge thumbs up & I’d recommend you all go & give your local Odeon Luxe a visit, at least once to tick it off your experiences list! 👍

making films more accessible for people with physical ailments. review of odeon luxe, luxury cinema by Helen's Journey Blog

I’d recommend going to an Odeon Luxe Cinema for a luxury film experience, especially if going to the cinema is usually a hard task for you physically.

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review of watching Momma Mia here we go again film in an odeon luxe cinema with leather recliner chairs, by Helen's Journey Blog

Film Review of watching ‘Mamma Mia Here We Go Again’ in an Odeon Luxe Cinema (No Spoilers!)

Then this week I went there to watch ‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again’ and sitting in cinema seat luxury definitely made it an even more enjoyable experience, being able to adjust my position as I watched depending on my discomfort levels at that moment.

I’m not into spoilers but I will say the film was great. I loved the ways they fused flashbacks and present action together throughout the film, with smooth transitions between them (making it almost instantly ready to be transformed into a stage show no doubt).

The young actors they got to represent each of the older actors in flashbacks was brilliant casting, as each one was really believable in looks and characteristics.

As a soundtrack, I knew more of the Abba songs from the first film’s soundtrack. However, all of the songs used in this sequel fit perfectly for the part of the story they were linking to in the song. So although I wouldn’t be able to sing along to many if I brought this films soundtrack album – I totally understand why each individual song was chosen for its part to play in telling the story so fittingly.

However, the film had me feeling like next time I’m on a date, I’ll be disappointed in the guy doesn’t break out into a song for me… 😉😜😂

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15 thoughts on “‘Odeon LUXE’ A review of the luxury cinema experience; making watching films more accessible when you have physical ailments

  1. This sounds really good! They need to make more cinemas like this for people with chronic back pain and other things like that. Great post x

    Beth x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is amazing! I imagine more cinemas will be heading this direction. A great review and well written. I felt like I was there and it definitely made me WANT to be there. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. a lot of our movie theatres here are doing a lot of the seats renos and what not… there is this one theatre im unable to go, because of their new seats.. and they arent even the comfortable kinds either.. it’s like you are floating and you cant get grounded, and because of that you basically lose feeling waist down, and you’re unable to move. and that has happened to me a couple times in that movie theatre so i stopped going to it.

    other movie theatres are getting the full vip treatment, where you get the “comfortable” seating, waiters to your seat (drinks – alcohol as well, food). and for me, the seats do not look comfortable, and i dont think they are designed for tall people either. im allergic to acholol, so i really do not want to beside people who are drinking booze while watching a movie, or are drunk too.

    so as much as people are enjoying these types of seats in movie theatres, (they are removing you from your home to watch a movie on the big screen), it is getting harder for me to find seats in theatres that do not hurt me or make me go numb.

    that being said, im glad you have enjoyed yourself at the movies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thank you for your feedback & sharing your experience. Always good to hear how others get on too.

      I agree it depends on the theatre and what they are offering as well as what requirements we have too.

      I’m quite tall 5ft7inches & the Odeon Luxe seats in this review I’ve used have accommodated my height & my brother too who is 6ft. However, the everyman cinema ‘comfy’ seating I don’t get on with as they are fixed lower backed sofa’s with less support etc. Yet my dad prefers this rigid seat for his specific back problems. So again it is defo a personal preference, so thats what inspired my post thinking it’s good we have more options when it comes to seating to try & accommodate more needs now.

      I have been a lot of times now & never been around drunk people but the high prices of the drinks I think stops a lot of binge drinking I’d imagine. But I don’t watch horror movies or late night Fri/sat night showings – so not sure if alcohol makes an impact on viewers experiences then? But every area is different, so maybe alcohol/drunk people is more of a problem is some cinemas over others.

      I agree it’s about trying the different ones and seeing what suits you. Including the people who just prefer watching movies at home than at a cinema.

      In Birmingham we still have the older cinemas with the old style seats for people who get on better with those – I wonder if you could find one near you with the unchanged seating if that suited better? Really hope you can find something more suited 🙏 Thanks again for sharing your experience & making us think of other requirements we may not have thought of 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ive had times where i was at the cheapos (very cheap tickets) and drunk people came.. they were peeing down the aisle as well… i dont even know how they even got into the building let alone in that theatre, but they did.

        i always have to watch people who drink beside me, like airplanes it’s a nightmare. and knowing that movie seats are basically you’re right beside each other, that alone is a no, for those types of seats.

        i myself am a little taller than you but shorter than your brother. my height is in my legs. i also dont have the weight to hold seats down either.. so the ones that move back and forth, and feels like you’re always moving, im not a fan of either. and it’s hard to know which theatre those seats are in, because each theatre in the building is designed differently.

        i myself, personally would either watch an imax screening (but i get away with not paying for tickets because of a point system. so even if the movie was crappy, im glad i didnt pay for it 😛 ) or id either go for a 3d movie (the regular 3d movie) or the standard kind. but the movie theatre itself (like the building as a whole) there’s about two that i go too, that doesnt give me many problems. but they are also changing the insides as well.

        but yeah, everyone is different, we all like certain things, and when change happens, (most of the time for me), it’s not a fun time. and it ruins the fun of that event or time out.

        i just dont know why everything has to have an upgrade, when it wasnt really wrong or bad or broken in the first place.

        like i rather have the floors not be so sticky, and the bathroom sinks to be warm not HOT or FREEZING COLD. dont get me started on the hand blow dryers, most of the time i just use my clothing.

        totally rambling on now.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh my gosh 🙈 LMAO 🙈 weeing in the aisle – that is crazy!! Now you have me feeling lucky for the theatre crowds I’ve seen films with as worst I’ve had is talking or a phone ringing. Madness what some people will do and as you say that they even get away with it!!!

          Liked by 1 person

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