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7 Amazing World Wide Life Experiences

The following ‘7 Life Experiences’ will give you a sneak preview into where around the world my journey has taken me & just what my footsteps have gotten up to…

7 World Wide Life Experiences!

During harder times in life, it sometimes helps me to choose to focus on all the great life experiences I’ve had so far and the amazing places around the world I have visited – as when I reflect on these things I feel richly blessed beyond struggles, health issues, status, what/who is missing in life etc.

So for being interviewed for The Versatile Blogger Award and being asked to share 7 facts about me, I’ve chosen to draw from my bag of life experiences from all around the world to share with you and I’ve dug out the photographs to go along with them too…

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‘Chevin Cross’ 32 foot Easter Cross Instillation in Leeds, West Yorkshire – A fun day out for all ages & abilities!

With my Brother, Sister-In-Law & 1 year old Niece living in Leeds, Yorkshire has quickly become a school holiday and weekend visit destination for me and my family. Last Easter break and This year’s Easter break, just like last years Easter break, was no exception as my huge family group of 14 descended on the area once again.

The place I’m reviewing in this post is an area called ‘Ottley Chevin‘ within the Chevin Forest Park in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The History of the 32 foot ‘Chevin Cross’ Easter Instillation:

I visited Otley Chevin last year in the cold and wet of Spring and then visited again this year in the glorious Spring sunshine. The thing that attracted us there at this particular time of the year was the ‘Chevin Cross’ which is a huge cross instillation erected each Easter by the group of local churches coming together to support this Church community initiative. When I say huge, I mean huge, as it is 32 feet high! So no wonder it is a must see Easter attraction for visitors near and far. It almost has a feel about it like the ‘North Star’ being followed by shepherds in the Christmas Story, but maybe that is just my creative imagination πŸ˜‰

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Kirkstall Abbey – A free day out in Leeds any time of the year, surrounded by beauty, history and fun for all ages and abilities.

Looking for a free day out in Leeds?

‘Kirkstall Abbey’ is a day trip full of history, beauty and fun for all ages and abilities – any time of the year!

A cool place to visit while in Leeds is a place called ‘Kirkstall Abbey’ – so cool in fact I visited twice in the space of four months! It is easy to get to, being three miles from the City Centre of Leeds, off the A65.

Kirkstall Abbey is a Cistercian Monastery founded in 1152 and one of the best-preserved monasteries in England.

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