Top Tips for starting a blog

The story of how my blog ‘HELEN’S JOURNEY’ was started and why:

In this post I will share the story of how I started my own blog and why. As well as my advice for others wanting to start their own blog. Knowing why you want to start a blog and what you want to write about it a strong foundation as a starting point!

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Thinking of starting a blog? JUST DO IT! Welcome to Helen’s Journey Blog – Here is how it all began…

My advice as a new blogger, if you are thinking of starting a blog:

To be honest, Iโ€™ve spent a lot of time wondering just when to start blogging and just how to go about starting too! There were so many questions going around my mind:

Q – Should I wait until the website is designed exactly how I want it before posting blogs?

Q – Shall I upload lots on content before I officially launch the website?

Q – Will my lack of website design expertise shine brightly like my oily T-zone?

But if you are thinking of starting a blog let me tell you – there is never a perfect time, there is always something else you want to change or twerk or learn etc. So my advice is – JUST DO IT!!!

So that’s exactly what I did, I just started it and thought I’ll learn and change things along the way… (I’m very happy I stopped putting it off and didn’t waste anymore time!) I read others blog posts with blogging advice as I went along and ‘learnt on the job’ rather than getting fully qualified with information first, before I put my hands into action.

***But hey, I should do a disclaimer from now:

Iโ€™m far from perfect so things around here wonโ€™t be done in the โ€˜best way to have a successful blogโ€™ way, but more like โ€˜my way of having a blogโ€™ way!

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