Aldi’s ‘Heated Throw’ Product Review of its Top Features and Functions

If you read my latest ‘Chronic Illness Joke of the Week Series’ you’d know I am a big user of electric heat pads for sore and painful muscles. I have gone through soooooooooo many electric heat pads that eventually just overload from such extensive use and stop working. I can’t deny that I have murdered many over the years!

So when my Sister, @libby.artist on Instagram, and fellow chronic pain warrior saw that the supermarket Aldi were bringing in a ‘Heated Throw’ as one of their featured special deals – as you can imagine we got super excited to try this, instead of the normal electric head pads that we had become so used to.

So the very day they were arriving in our local Aldi store (24th October 2019) my Sister was right there getting one for me and one for her. We both LOVE them so much that I wanted to do a product review post to share all about them with my readers and social media followers as they have so many great selling points…

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