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How to work on self-worth and find self-value, after life has knocked you down.

This post encouraging you to keep working at your self-worth, is inspired by a photo I chose to post on Instagram for ‘International Women’s Day’ – a photo including the suggestion of me wearing a crown on my head, just like the statue next to me. (You’ll know from my instagram @helens_journey that posing with statues all over the world is just one of my things! lol) I chose this photo simply because the notion of wearing a crown reminded me of my worth and it has been such an important part of my healing journey and personal growth these past few years. So I wanted to do a post to remind everyone about their own crown and an encouragement to straighten it and strengthen it! I hope it is as much as an encouragement to you, as it has been for me…

We forget that we are amazing, even if we aren’t always treated like we are. We nurture, and care but we also command. We ooze kindness, love, support and guidance. We give all we have in effort, sweat, tears and blood. We endure and we survive. We get bruised, broken and scarred. Yet our war wounds can become our reminders of all we survived and give us a source of strength to continue forward. So never forget you deserve to wear that crown, you are worthy of its placement on your head! So this encouragement is for all.

An encouragement for self-worth, to remind you to straighten and strengthen your crown, after life and others have knocked it off!

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