helens journey blog wins her second sunshine blogger award - read interview answers

Sunshine Blogger Award Interview – number 2!

It was a pleasure to be nominated again for a 'SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD' and answering interview questions so you my readers can get to know me more as the person behind the keyboard at Helen's Journey Blog

Helen's Journey Blog wins The Versatile Blogger Award & interview sharing '7 things about me'

My 1st Versatile Blogger Award & Interview sharing ‘7 FACTS ABOUT ME’

My 1st 'Versatile Blogger Award' & interview sharing '7 FACTS ABOUT ME'

As my 35th birthday is soon approaching I refuse to focus on what I don't have by this age or bad situations of the past.

Instead, I'm choosing to focus on all the great life experiences I've had in life - as when I reflect on these I feel richly blessed beyond age, health, circumstance etc.

So, the following 7 facts about me I have chosen from my bag of life experiences & dug out the photographs to go along with them too...

get to know me interview with helens journey as she wins the Liebster award 2018

“WHO IS THE PERSON BEHIND THE KEYBOARD?” Interviewing Helen’s Journey as she is nominated for the ‘Liebster Award 2018’

"WHO IS THE PERSON BEHIND THE KEYBOARD?" Interviewing Helen's Journey as she is nominated for the 'Liebster Award 2018'

"I enjoy receiving these awards as it gives me a chance to open up and let my reads see more of the person I am away from my keyboard." - Quote Helen's Journey