All About ‘World Book Day’ – Snow White and other Book Character Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

All about World Book Day!

Today marks ‘World Book Day’ here in the United Kingdom & Ireland, as we celebrate it each year on the first Thursday of March. It is a day to celebrate all things books – reading, authors, illustrators, book characters, etc. With the aim of encouraging more children to discover more books and the joy and pleasure that can come along with reading.

Primary schools in the UK have a fancy dress policy on World Book Day where all staff dress up in fancy dress as book characters and the children also come into school dressed up as book characters too. I personally feel this dressing up element, also invites children into some of the imaginary worlds that these stories create for these characters to live in.

Read more about world book day & let me know if you like my costumes


‘Mary Poppins’ Fancy Dress Costume D.I.Y Tutorial Guide

‘Do It Yourself’ Mary Poppins Fancy Dress Costume Tutorial Guide:

When it came to choosing a costume for the latest fancy dress party I attended, I decided to choose an English favourite; Mary Poppins!

Even you are unfortunate enough not to know who Mary Poppins is, click hereΒ for all the info about the movie off IMDb. Growing up I loved the original Disney movie ‘Mary Poppins’ and I wasn’t disappointed with the recent sequel either ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ as it was another wonderful play on imagination and creativity. But let us get back to my DIY tutorial guide for my Mary Poppins fancy dress costume… Continue reading “‘Mary Poppins’ Fancy Dress Costume D.I.Y Tutorial Guide”