helens journey blog wins her second sunshine blogger award - read interview answers

Sunshine Blogger Award Interview – number 2!

It was a pleasure to be nominated again for a 'SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD' and answering interview questions so you my readers can get to know me more as the person behind the keyboard at Helen's Journey Blog

vote for helen's journey blog in the uk blog awards 2019 in category of wellbeing and also in the category of Green and Eco. voting instructions

Two Category Nominations in the ‘UK Blog Awards 2019’ Please VOTE FOR HELEN’S JOURNEY in both categories; ‘Wellness’ & ‘Green & Eco’!

Two Category Nominations in the 'UK Blog Awards 2019' Please VOTE FOR HELEN'S JOURNEY in both categories; 'Wellness' & 'Green & Eco'!
(Instructions for voting in this post))

A big THANK YOU! I appreciate every single vote esp as I'm up against some big blog names...