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Spring: How to enjoy a season of renewed hope, new possibilities and a fresh perspective

The promise of a future, that the blooming flowers of Spring, reminds us of!

So here we are, it is officially Springtime. Although Spring doesn’t start until March, I had been noticing little signs of Spring throughout the last part of February with more sunshine, fresh shoots springing up from the ground and buds appearing on plants and trees.

the promise of a future that blooming spring flowers reminds us of. blog post all about spring's message of hope by Helen's Journey

Just look at the photo above, there is such a stark juxtaposition between Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. We have the hard, cold, solid soil – representing the harsh cold winter we have just got through. Then we see the flowers that were still able to grow and push through this soil with perseverance and determination to push upwards towards the light.

We are those daffodil bulbs that were buried in the cold, harsh winter months – maybe hibernating in the warm or suffering from the Winter blues. Yet, seeing those fresh daffodil shoots appear from empty looking soil, is a reminder that no matter how hard life has got, there is always a renewal of hope for better.

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A dose of love, advice & perspective for singles on Valentine’s Day!

February: a month for LOVE for singles too, not only Valentine’s Day romantic love for couples only!

February can be a tough month if you are single, simply because Valentine’s Day seems to make everything around us this month seem to be about love, romance and relationships. Yet this post is to reassure singles that February can be a month of love for us too!

I’ve never really been big on valentine’s Day myself, maybe I never got the chance to with such an unromantic ex or because of its origins. However, I’m definitely a lover of romance any day of the year that hasn’t changed no matter how much it is missing from my life. As this will be my second Valentine’s Day since getting out of a long-term toxic relationship, I’m determined to make it still a time of love, by making it a time of self-love regardless of not having a partner to love and spoil you on the big V day.

Read more to discover the 4 greek words for love & how valentines day can still be filled with love without romance

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The dangers of Tunnel Vision and how to break down the walls to widen your perspective in life

The dangers of having ‘Tunnel Vision’ in life:

Sometimes in life when we feel overwhelmed by it all, we can have tunnel vision because the thing that is overwhelming us, is all we can think about & see ahead… 🚇However, if we looked outside the tunnel we could see the bigger picture!

How ‘Tunnel Vision’ restricts your perspective in life:

Just like in the photo I snapped used on this post; by not having tunnel vision, we also get to see the bigger picture surrounding the tunnel not just the limited views from inside the tunnel.

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Survival Tips for when life feels overwhelming!

Life at times can seem to be in a whirlwind with so many things happening all at once. When life is like this it is no wonder we can feel swept off our feet and spinning like we are in the tornado with Dorothy and Toto in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. However, my following survival guide for getting through these times of severe weather suggests: to take the journey step by step, get things done bit by bit and get through what is ahead day by day!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. “

Bible Verse: Matthew 6: verse 34 (NIV NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION)

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WHY IS WELLBEING SO VITAL TO OUR HEALTH & HAPPINESS? How being a Wellbeing niche blogger is inspiring & my top Wellbeing posts of encouragement!

Why is our ‘Wellbeing’ so vital to our health and happiness?

WELLBEING definition:

The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

synonyms: welfarehealth, good health, happinesscomfortsecuritysafetyprotectionprosperityprofitgoodsuccessfortune, good fortune, advantageinterest,  ponderousness, successfulness

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The Power of THANKFULNESS! Top Tips for logging GRATITUDE, to bring more happiness & inner peace into your life, through the joy of gratefulness! (Including a FREE Printable: WEEKLY GRATITUDE DIARY!)

The Power of THANKFULNESS & Top Tips for logging GRATITUDE.

Including a WEEKLY GRATITUDE DIARY free printable, as my gratitude gift for my readers!

Here we are again, it’s that time of year full of events that make everyone stop in their tracks and actually think about what they are thankful for. Nearly everyone enjoys Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Years Eve and not just for the food and festivities! Whether you know it or not, it’s also because of the high that thankfulness and acknowledging gratitude can bring during this time of year too.

Let’s discover more about this together and at the end of the blog I will give you tips and tricks on how you can incorporate the ‘power of thankfulness into your everyday life not just on specific days like Thanksgiving and Christmas Time. I will also give each reader A FREE PRINTABLE ‘WEEKLY GRATITUDE DIARY’ SHEETas my gratitude gift just for you!! 😉

Helens Journey Weekly Gratitude Diary free printable for logging gratitude for increasing happiness and inner peace through the joy of thankfulness
Find the link to download this free Weekly Gratitude Diary printable, with TIP TWO FOR LOGGING GRATITUDE later on in the post…

You know those sayings such as:

“It lifted my spirits!”

“I’m on cloud 9!”

“It just feels right!”

“I know it’s time to let go and move on” etc?

Well they come from that very sense of uplifting that certain positive emotions can bring – feelings such as being in love, hopefulness, faithfulness, gratitude, forgiveness, peacefulness etc. This is because certain emotions connect us back to our souls, our essence our natural states of being! But how?…

It is through really embracing these emotions and letting them take over us (take over us as in accepting them and being overwhelmed or consumed by them) that they then become a ‘state of being’ rather than just a feeling and then we are literally able to give our spirits ‘a lift’ (like the difference between loving someone with the emotion love and actually being IN love with someone, consumed by it and living in a state of constant love so you always feel on that high of being in love and the high of feeling loved back etc).

This is what happens on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, our birthdays, etc; we embrace the feeling of thankfulness/gratitude so much we go through the day in a heightened state of thankfulness and we are able to ride out the festivities on a high, up on cloud 9, full of smiles and joy in our hearts!

Thankfulness, love, gratitude, peace – these are all emotions everyone can experience. Take love as an example, when you soak in that emotion and embrace it fully and let go and just let yourself be swept away by love, you can then live in a state of being with that emotion. So when you are living with your soul ‘being’ being at one with love (at one as in fully embraced it & been overwhelmed and taken over by it) you are grinning, happy, bouncy, smile instead of get stressed, uplifted and your soul feels alive and happy through just being with love. It makes you view the world through rose-tinted glasses!

Or peace for example. When you are comfortable with who you truly are in your soul and feel at peace with yourself, then you can live in a state of ‘inner peace’ which lets you live in contentment and changes your reactions to situations. Inner peace fights against letting others actions affect your peace of mind – yes you can disagree with people’s actions or even find them hurtful, but it is inner peace that then speaks to your soul and tells it:

“Yes that hurt, yes they were wrong, yes I might cry – but I refuse to let them make me angry or bitter, I wont give them the satisfaction or control of taking away my inner peace. It wasn’t right and I don’t agree with it but take deep breaths and I’ll try to stay grounded and calm with the peace I already have inside me.”

Thankfulness is the same. Living in a state of gratitude makes you see the good in everything even though there is so much bad in the world to see along side it, the bad doesn’t overshadow the good. It makes you see a positive for every negative.

You know that saying “There is always a silver lining” well living in a state of thankfulness opens your eyes more to actually see them. It makes you appreciate the small things even though you acknowledge the disappointment of living without the bigger things. I wrote a blog post all about this entitled: Remember the small stuff! (click on this blog title to open the life reflection up in another tab.)

Top Tips on how can you keep that ‘high’ or ‘joy’ from embracing thankfulness at Thanksgiving & Christmas Time, for the rest of the year too…

TIP 1 – Use a Gratitude App

Well one thing that really helped me in the last few years was downloading a gratitude app on my mobile, I use ‘Attitudes of Gratitude Journal’ by Vista Media. Each day it pops up and asks me “What were you grateful for today?” and after you type in your answer it will then pop up a quote on thankfulness/gratitude to encourage you on your gratitude journey.

The app stores all your answers so on darker days you can sit and read through your answers to remind yourself of all there is to be thankful for and shine a light when it’s needed most. A great added feature on this app is a password protection option to keep your diary private if others use your phone.

TIP 2 – Writing a Gratitude Diary or Gratitude List

If it helps you to write things down then I’d suggest a ‘Gratitude Diary’. I’m so grateful for my readers, I’ve only gone and created a free GRATITUDE DIARY printable just for you, as my way of saying ‘Thank You’ for reading and following my blog.

Just click here to download the gratitude diary sheet, print it, then put it up on the wall or somewhere else noticeable to you like by the side of your bed or by the kettle. Then each time you see it or each time you use the kettle, you write down things to be thankful for that day.

Helens Journey Gratitude Diary
Click to download the GRATITUDE DIARY I created as my Thank You gift to my readers…

TIP 3 – Taking a 2 minute STILLNESS SHOT

Yes I made up this name, but hey just roll with it… You need 2 minutes out of your day, you choose when is best for you. For example: set your alarm 2 minutes earlier in the mornings and spend that 2 minutes being still, maybe you want to lay down, or prop yourself up on the pillows and sit up – what ever position suits. Close your eyes and just be still. Stop your mind from thinking about getting ready, or the meeting you have at work or all the things on your ‘to do’ list. Stop yourself going over things in your mind, like the fight you had with your partner the night before or yelling at the kids.

STOP your body and be STILL! STOP your mind and be STILL! Just relax and listen and concentrate on your breathing, or your heartbeat, the ticking of a clock or to the birds chirping outside the window. This calms your soul amongst the stresses of the day still to come and re-centres our spiritual being by simply ‘just being’.

End the 2 minutes or however long you spend doing this, by saying some things you are thankful for, I find this more powerful when I say them out loud but you can also say them in your head if you prefer or if you don’t want to disturb others etc. Over time, see what differences it can make to your day or attitude by continuing to start off your day with stillness for your soul and a spirit of thankfulness!

If for others like myself, spirituality through a faith does play a part in your life, then I’d suggest saying prayers of thankfulness, as this is another way of releasing your list of things you are thankful for. Also, saying them out loud and proclaiming them into the atmosphere is a great way of changing the rooms energy/feel/spiritual frequency. Or in your ‘Prayer Journal’ include writing down prayers of thankfulness for each days blessings etc alongside the things you are still praying for.

This a great way of changing your focus from solely being about what you need and are asking for. Instead you are acknowledging the things you need but being lifted in gratitude for remembering and focusing on all the things you do have to say thank you for. Gratitude is a beautiful spiritual frequency to live on.

TIP 4 – Gratitude / Thankfulness Quotes, Affirmations and Mindfulness.

Another thing that has helped me on this fulfilling journey through the power of gratitude, is reading words that encourage thankfulness and get you to focus on the good not the bad. This has especially helped me in changing my attitude and attention I gave to talking about pain and every time someone asked me how I was, the need to go into the ins and outs and list all the daily struggles of living with chronic illness.

Gratitude, thankfulness and inner peace really made me change my perspective, what I give my energy too and focusing on the good not the bad has brought me to such a happier place for my soul and spirit. The pain is still there but I totally engage with it in a different way by not letting it consume me, my words and thoughts. It wasn’t easy and it took time to break the habit of giving it so much of my energy, but I’m so thankful for the new perspective gratitude has given me!

The words we choose to read and speak had a direct effect on our thoughts, mental health, attitude, reactions, what we decide to speak about etc. I talk about the power of the way we speak to ourselves in a post I encourage you to read to become more aware of the language you use and how you speak about things. (Click HERE to open post in another tab to read it.)

I have a board on Pinterest called ‘Affirmations, Christian Meditation, Mindfulness & Mental Health’  (click below to find it on Pinterest)

Here I have a collection of things that I declare out loud at diffrent times of the day such as while the kettle is boiling, say to myself as I get ready for the day, read as I’m in a waiting room etc. Affirmations of gratefulness, being thankful, choosing to focus on the positives while declaring what i want to change for the better to help with the negative.

That is the POWER of THANKFULNESS that we can practice everyday not just on Thanksgiving Day! Thank you for reading, its one of the things im grateful for today 😉


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Facing Your Giants! How to be as confident & bold as David, in defeating your life’s Goliath.

Everyone has giants to face at different times in life, some bigger than others, but all give you the chance to prove to yourself just how strong you really are!

Today I visited ‘The Custard Factory’ a creative hub in the heart of England’s 2nd city of Birmingham, UK. If you watched the Commonwealth Games handover ceremony, you would have seen local filmmaker Daniel Alexander’s video introducing the world to Birmingham! It had a TV audience of up to one billion people from all around the world! I’m so proud to call it my hometown

(Click on the filmmakers name to go to his website, or the word ‘video’ to go and watch the video mentioned)

As I walked through ‘The Custard Factory’ with creative touches to decor all around me, I looked up and standing there looking down on all who pass by is this enormous statue of a giant, who appears like he has been made with chiseled rocks or out of a tree trunk.

Facing your giants. A ginormous statue of a giant with Helen from Helen's Journey Blog standing at the bottom

Yes if you look really close, that’s me, the tiny person at the bottom looking up at the giant that stood over me. 📏

Yes he is intimidating is size and also in appearance, as he looks likes sturdy solid rock. I certainly wasn’t afraid of him falling on top of me, he appeared far too strong and superior for that.

In my creative and imaginative mind, it reminded me straight away of the story of ‘David & Goliath’ which for those that don’t know is a Bible story, which like most has a ‘moral of the story’ meaning for Bible believers and non-believers alike = A universal lesson in winning improbable victories.

Click to read the story: 1 Samuel ‘David and Goliath

a blog to encourage you in having courage when facing a giant in life. fight like david against goliath. by helens journey blog

It’s a story to give us courage when we are facing a scary giant in life. An account that speaks to our soul and reminds us how capable and strong we actually are!

For believers, a lesson in how victorious we can be when we align ourselves with what God wants us to do. Also, how in weakness we become strong through God’s Holy Spirit equipping us with exactly what sling and stone we need for the battle ahead…

Life lessons from ‘David & Goliath’ for FACING LIFE’S GIANTS:

You are never too young to face your giants and defeat them – even if they are a trained destroyer, prepared for battle since birth like Goliath. Don’t let others limit you because they pass judgement on you being too young, just like Saul did to David:

“And Saul said to David, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth.” 1 Samuel 17:33

You don’t need matched experience, for when you have confidence in your given abilities and talents, you can face someone with a wealth of experience even if you are the underdog on paper.

When the 9 foot 9 inches Goliath scares everyone else around you, don’t let their fear convince you that you must be afraid too. David held his own ground independently to all the others who were too afraid to.

Even if no one else is willing to challenge the giant you still can. David had the confidence to challenge Goliath and win, when no one else did.

You can perfect your skill using a sling and win – even if everyone else who thinks they are ‘above’ a simple shepherd, uses swords. Belief doesn’t have a hierarchy or class system, you either have enough belief to think you have a chance of winning or you don’t. You either think God will make it work out okay or you don’t believe he can.

Even if the giant has protective armour all around it weighing at least 155 pounds like Goliath’s armour, that doesn’t mean you can not locate their weak spot and penetrate past their defences, just like David did to hit Goliath in just the right spot to knock him down to the floor defenseless.

David and his stone in sling, were against a giant armed with a 6.5foot spear. He didn’t let the small resources he had in comparison, put him off the battle. Instead he made the most out of what he had.

This is another way in which we can defeat some of the giants that overshadow our minds and thoughts – we need to be content in what we have in life and make the most out of them!

facing your giants blog by how to be confident and bold like David, in defeating life's Goliath

How to be as confident & bold as David, in defeating your life’s Goliath:

Even if your giants taunt you as you face them, trying to make you feel inferior, just like Goliath did to David. Remember who you are and where your power lies (David was confident in his strength because he knew he had God on his side empowering him to win, even when all the odds were against him).

David was willing to step out in faith and face the giant, as he felt that it was what God called him to do and he wanted to show what God was capable of through his actions. He was confident not only facing him, but actually throwing the stone to defeat him.

We need this confidence in life so that when we are faced with life’s many giants, we are able to actually throw our stones and not be frozen still in fear!

For me personally it is a reminder that nothing is too big for God to help me through and to bring me to a place of victory on the other side. Maybe for you its a reminder of just how strong you really are, to have faced so many giants in your lifetime and have still found a way to be victorious in life? 💪💪💪

have faith in god the rock to defeat your giants! Lessons from the story of david and goliath in facing your giants in life by helens journey blog

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facing your giants. how to be confident and bold like David, in defeating life's Goliath. blog by

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“TIME, REST, BREATH” The important need to simply stop, rest, just be & breath!


A slogan to remind us esp when we are stressed out or having a manic time, that we also need to take time to stop, de-stress and calm our minds and bodies down!

Sometimes your body gives you NO choice in just stopping and needing to rest or just be still.

I learnt this the hard way in my early 20’s when I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia (read all about my story of getting ill by clicking HERE to open a new tab blog post all about it)

For others it’s when they are pregnant, ill, fatigued, recovering from an operation or medical treatment etc – that they discover the concept of having no choice but to listen to their body and STOP!

Also the discovery of the need for resting and the importance of just being still.

Give yourself time to just be and not do!

I shared this image below in my FIBROMYALGIA & CHRONIC ILLNESS SUPPORT & AWARENESS GROUP on Facebook (click on group name to open link to it in another window as you are all invited to join the group) which I think sums up this need beautifully:

TIME, REST, BREATH The important need to simply stop, rest, just be & breath by Helens Journey Blog

The important need to simply stop, rest, just be & breath!

Some see rest or stillness as being boring or too quiet. Maybe it’s stone as adults we need to learn once again how to enjoy being still and just being in that moment.

Here is a mindfulness exercise you can try to help you ‘just be’ in the present:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Try to clear your head from thinking about events, feelings, problems etc.
  3. Concentrate on hearing the noises around you.
  4. What can you hear?
  5. Listen, notice and in your mind list the things you can hear (eg: a clicking clock, traffic noises, the hum of the fridge, the birds singing, etc…)
  6. Choose your favourite sound out of the list & try to cut out the other sounds by solely concentrating on your favourite noise.
  7. See what pictures come to mind as you listen to that one noise.
  8. After a while, choose another sound from your list and try to drown out the other sounds to concentrate on the one chosen sound.
  9. You can do this for all the sounds on the list individually if you have time.
  10. If outside thoughts, problems, questions come into your mind, try to make a conscious decision to push them aside and concentrate on the noises and the pictures they bring to mind.
  11. To end the exercise take a deep long breath in, hold it for a few seconds and then blow out the breath slowly. Open your eyes when you feel ready…

Mind full or Mindful?

Yet in those times of needed rest for our bodies, our minds on the other hand, can be very active despite the bodies stillness.

Physical pain can drag us into mental pain, desperation & hopelessness etc… these are natural emotions that come along with having to battle Chronic Illness or experiencing some sort of debilitation out of your control.

However, this is where we have a choice to make, do we:

  • Get dragged down into negative emotions of it all?
  • Let negative feelings or fears start to take over and be consumed by them?
  • Get stressed because you literally haven’t sat down

Despite not having physical power, we do have the internal power to try our hardest to not be mentally debilitated also!

Below is a list of things we can do in order to try & keep a positive mental attitude even when our bodies are exhausted, worn out or hopeless:

Have a mental reply to these feelings waiting in the wings of your brain

Use Affirmations

✨ Saying a positive for each negative you say to yourself or outloud

Breathing exercises

Relaxation techniques

Self massage




Self-help techniques

Music therapy (relaxation music, praise music, sounds of nature, specific lyrics etc)


Sounds of nature

Art Therapy (colouring & crafts, knitting, etc)

There are more I can add but those are the essentials that come to my mind. What else would you add to the list???

Enjoy these self-love, self-help, self-care posts? Well here are some more links to my blog posts that might be of empowering interest from you:

(click blog titles to open up the posts)

> “You are…” a SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION to remind us how AMAZING we are!


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“You are…” a SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION to remind us how AMAZING we are!

“You are…” a SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION to remind us how AMAZING we are and a blog post to encourage speaking positively about ourselves!



Why is how we talk to ourselves so important?

Children show us how powerful words spoken over them are, eg: Self Fulfilling Prophecy and Self-Defeating Prophecy. Both being true in adulthood also.

“In other words, a positive or negative prophecy, strongly held belief, or delusion—declared as truth when it is actually false—may sufficiently influence people so that their reactions ultimately fulfill the once-false prophecy.” (Quote from Wikipedia explaining Self Fulfilling Prophecy – click here for more information)

If you tell yourself over and over that you are useless, incapable, unlovable etc enough times – then eventually you will believe it & that is how you constantly see yourself.

You have force-fed your subconscious these negative portrayals of you so often that it has become almost ingrained in you that is how you are and who you are. Ultimately this can affect our reactions in life, our relationships, our behaviour and our mental health.

NO!!! Stop accepting it!

This image below is an empowering sticky note you could read to yourself each day to give yourself a dose of this all so important ‘Self-Love’. By repeatedly saying this each day you are erasing the old and ingraining this new subconscious positive portrayal of yourself.

self love affirmation for self love Saturday on Helen's journey blog
Have you spoken nicely about yourself to yourself today?

For the last 10 years I’ve run a Facebook support group for other chronic pain warriors and Fibromyalgia fighters, like myself, called “‘HELEN’S FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS GROUP (also relevant for other chronic illness). On Saturdays I post #SelfLoveSaturday images to promote, you’ve guessed it – self-love! 😉

I wrote this in the support group as an extra note for the 517 members:

We may be unable to physically do things and mentally feel frustrated and annoyed at our body not being able to do what the person inside of us wants it to

– BUT that doesn’t take away our value, worth, importance or fact that we are all rather fantastic!  😘 😍

How to incorporate positive self talk into your daily life:

Talk nicely to yourself, esp when you first thing in the morning, as it can start your day off on a positive note.

Or you could say this affirmation above to yourself as you:

  • brush your hair
  • do your makeup in the mirror
  • wait for the kettle to boil
  • putting on your shoes, etc.

The point is you can’t say you “don’t have time to do it” as you can do it while you do your normal activities!

Take the time out to give yourself doses of Self-Love like it is medicine and part of your treatment plan for Chronic Illness, Mental struggles and self-confidence – along with a whole list more of advantages…

As Nike says “JUST DO IT”

Have you read my other blogs on self love? (click blog titles to open up the posts)



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HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK when life makes you HARD ON YOURSELF! A free printable Affirmation, to encourage Self-Love, Forgiveness & Letting Go…


A free printable affirmation, to encourage self-love, forgiveness & letting go…

Why is negativity so bad for you?

Being too hard on ourselves has damaging effects, not only on our mental health but also our physical health too. It is scientifically proven that negative thinking and negative thoughts worsen a person’s health, lowers immunity and affects the brains function. Chronic stress, worry and negative emotions can unbalance our hormones and the brain needs a certain level of specific hormones to create the feeling of ‘happiness’.

That is why ‘self love’ or ‘being kind to yourself’ is sooooooooo important in life, esp when you are already in ill-health or struggle mentally with issues of self or low mood.

don't be so hard on yourself affirmation free printable and encouraging blog post by helen's journey

It’s time for a dose of Self-Love again!

My regular readers will know I suffer from chronic ill-health from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and about 10 other conditions that decided to jump on in for the ride! lol. So for me I think of self-love as another one of my medicines, hence me saying ‘a dose’ of self-love – IT’S TIME TO GET A HIT OF SELF LOVE RIGHT WHERE ITS NEEDED! 😉

In my blog post ““YOU ARE…” A SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION TO REMIND US HOW AMAZING WE ARE” I cover the importance of speaking positively about ourselves and include an affirmation of positive things to say about yourself to remind you how amazing you are (If you haven’t had chance to read it yet, I highly recommend you follow the link at the end of this post)

However, at certain times in life we make bad decisions, we may hurt people in the process, we may get hurt ourselves. This post is about using self-love in these times of life too, in order to not be so hard on ourselves.

I’m sure all of us can think of something that we really beat ourselves up over or that we continue to be hard on ourselves about over and over again no matter how long ago it was.

STOP! It’s time to stop beating yourself up!


I wrote the following affirmation and drew the doodles too, that I want to share with you to help you stop being so hard on yourself and finding a way to go forward positively.

i’ve made the affirmation image a FREE PRINTABLE for my readers. You could print this out and use it as a bookmark, put it by your mirror where you get ready each day or by your noticeboard where you boil the kettle. Just placing it somewhere to remind you to give yourself that much-needed positivity boost, dose of self-love, self-care hug, self-help shot – whatever you want to call it, as the list of positive affects goes on…

click here to DOWNLOAD the below FREE PRINTABLE AFFIRMATION: Helens journey affirmation free printable PDF

don't be so hard on yourself affirmation written by helen's journey blog with doodle images by


We need to look after ourselves the best we can to try to feel the best we can inside and out. I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m just saying it’s important we try to do it and daily! Look at it like me, like medicine or just another supplement or multivitamin we need to take each day. Choose to feed yourself with self-love and bring positives steps going forward, out of negative steps of the past!

Here is the link to my previous shot of self-love: “YOU ARE…” A SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION TO REMIND US HOW AMAZING WE ARE AND A BLOG POST TO ENCOURAGE SPEAKING POSITIVELY ABOUT OURSELVES! (Click on title to go to the blog post)

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Here are the words to my affirmation:

“I acknowledge my mistakes or mistakes done to me by others.

I have open eyes to see where things went wrong.

Yet now I am choosing to let it go and stop being so hard on myself.

I let go of any wrongdoing in the past, and focus instead on the things that are right in my life at present.

I will take forward the lessons the past has taught me. as I choose to take steps forward and not backwards.

All I ask of myself is to give me a break, cut me some slack, I am worth forgiving or forgiving others for my inner peace.

I release the past, live in the now and embrace the future.”

Written by Helen’s Journey

Posted in Wellness & Positivity

My ‘World Mental Health Day’ Spent With The Arts

So the 10th October marked another ‘World Mental Health Day’ aka WMHD.

Although I assume some of you reading this, who are living in this world with us, didn’t know… It’s okay you can put your hands up and admit it, as that is what makes awareness days needed = to do just that, make more people aware!

I spent my WMHD at a local community centre who were hosting an event by ‘Life Balance Arts’ a local Arts Community Investment Company who use their profits and assets for the public good. The afternoon was all about Mental Health and using different art forms to express ourselves, but also to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to openly and safely share their personal stories regarding Mental Health.

I went along with my trusted pillow in hand and headed for the more comfortable option in the chairs available (As Fibromyalgia makes sitting uncomfortable & sitting for long periods at a time in one position, flares up pain & stiffness etc – this trusted pillow has travelled all around the world with me and indeed could tell a few tales!! lol)


Craft workshop:

Giano Johal, the founder of Life Balance Arts ran craft workshops tailored for the day’s focus. There was mask decorating, which grabbed my conscience straight away as I know the masks I daily wear when trying to hide pain & falsely say “I’m ok thank you” when asked how I am.

We all wear masks in life to different degrees:

  • That telephone voice we all have for important calls.
  • That false calm voice we talk to the children if even when we all stressed to the max!
  • The mask we wear at work to behave appropriately so we don’t get sacked.
  • The mask the victim puts on even to their family when they are secretly being abused behind closed doors.
  • The chronic illness sufferer trying to put on a brave face and push through the pain just to do a ‘normal’ activity and actually feel like they are living not just surviving.
  • The person battling depression that may not tell a soul about it.
  • The person who smiles at you, as they park next to you on the top story of a car park, before they walk to the edge as they want to jump off.

The last one may sound harsh to some but it really is that serious. Mental Health can be a matter of life and death!

How do you see yourself?
What words would you write on your “I AM…” mask?


Okay Helen and BREATHE!

Breathing Exercise:

A breathing exercises workshop was next, facilitated by a Guru Ram Daas Trust teacher, who run sessions in the surrounding city. We learnt techniques to relax our bodies and calm our minds down through using our breaths, alternating nostrils and changing over from shallow breathing to deep inhales and exhales. We all felt our heads were clearer and our bodies calming after these breathing exercises. I’ve actually completed an introductory beginners course in Breathing Techniques, so this just reminded me of the importance for me to be do breathing exercises daily, as lately I admit I only do them ever so often. (Shhhhhh don’t tell my old instructor!)

What are you Grateful for?
I am a firm believer in practicing Gratitude daily (but that’s for another blog)



Following, was a subject close to my heart: Nutrition. As this has been why my journey has changed with discovering things about our body systems, our foods, and natural healthy living as a whole.

Parveen Talwar a nutritionist talked all about the gut being our 2nd brain & the importance of what we eat actually affects our brains and moods. I agreed with everything she said and the fact I already knew the things she was saying also gave me a confidence boost for knowing how informed and correct my discoveries and education has been so far. Obviously the short time factor meant she couldn’t expand further after giving a quick but precise summary of key things to change for better health and mental health effects. However, I would love to hear more and will look out for more sessions from her in the future.


Sharing Stories regarding Mental Health:

Spoken Word came next with Anita Louise Kaur sharing her story of a mental breakdown & an encouraging recovery. She also read aloud her poem she had written all about depression – which was very moving. Find it on her twitter feed: @anita1967

The sharing stories section actually brought a physical tear to my eye… okay, okay, a few tears as i turned away to wipe my face!

A beautiful kind soul Bella Singh spoke of opening up her home for people in the local community who need respite care and it was truly humbling. Her amazing husband supported her venture of providing care and so over the years has had bigger property premises to house people.

One of the elder ladies who lives with her asked to say something and so she told the group what a wonderful ‘mom’ Bella had been to her these past 15 years (that is when the tears started).

Susan Brookes shared her news of setting up a magazine for children’s mental health ‘Positive Kids Magazine’ which sounds a brilliant initiative – you never know maybe one day I will write an article for her magazine… (Just putting it out there! heehee)

“HOY!” I think I enjoyed this a little too much, i was still shouting this and doing the ‘screw in the lightbulb’ dance later that evening 😉

Dhol Drumming Workshop:

To loosen us up & to help us lose our inhibitions we then took part in a Dhol drumming workshop by Tubsy Dholki Waller. It was a really fun workshop that we all needed at that point for some light relief from emotions.

We all left there not only dancing away screwing in the light bulbs with our arms and bending our knees while shouting “HOY!” – but also smiling, laughing and carrying less tension than when we first stood in a line waiting for instructions like we were frozen in the spotlights! 😉  (I’m not sure if I should admit that there are videos of this on facebook?! haha)


The day reminded me, why working as a Drama Practitioner, I love using acting to speak to people about sensitive subjects such as Mental Health, but also as an outlet for people to work through their own emotions through joining in with specific drama exercises.

I honestly came away from the day feeling inspired & so I got home, sat on my heat pad and started to type and let my reflections unload onto the screen, and then this blog was created!

[This event was held at the Afro Caribbean Millennium Centre in Birmingham, England, UK and sponsored by NewStyle Radio 98.7FM a local community station.]


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