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7 Amazing World Wide Life Experiences

The following ‘7 Life Experiences’ will give you a sneak preview into where around the world my journey has taken me & just what my footsteps have gotten up to…

7 World Wide Life Experiences!

During harder times in life, it sometimes helps me to choose to focus on all the great life experiences I’ve had so far and the amazing places around the world I have visited – as when I reflect on these things I feel richly blessed beyond struggles, health issues, status, what/who is missing in life etc.

So for being interviewed for The Versatile Blogger Award and being asked to share 7 facts about me, I’ve chosen to draw from my bag of life experiences from all around the world to share with you and I’ve dug out the photographs to go along with them too…

1. Life Experience: Going inside a ‘Pyramid of Giza’ in Cairo, Egypt.

I have lay inside an ancient tomb inside one of Egypt’s great Pyramids. You had to bend down and practically crawl inside and back out again, with only one way in and out it was small, squashy and it was REALLY hot down there! However, while down there I couldn’t resist jumping in a tomb and posing for a pic – posing is just part of who I am! 😉 As you will know if you follow me on Instagram @helens_journey

Helen's Journey Blog lying in a tomb inside pyramid of Giza Cairo Egypt

2. Life Experience: Holding a baby alligator!

Yes you read that right, I have held a baby alligator. But don’t worry there was a professional handler there to talk me through it and make sure I held it correctly for safety for us both.

It was after an air boat ride through the Florida Everglades swamps filled with alligators. As a huge NCIS & CSI fan you know in my head I was pretending I was on the airboat with Horatio in the opening theme tune of CSI MIAMI right 😉

Helen's Journey bog holding a baby Alligator

3. Life Experience: Quad biking in the Sahara Desert

I have driven a Quad bike across some of the Sahara Desert, we had to wear sunglasses and a head scarf as the sand flies up into your face and because it is so hot, it is protection from the sun. As the time ticked away we also got to watch the sunset over the sand dunes, which the photo on a mobile back then didn’t do any justice to.

Helen's Journey Blog sitting on a quad bike watching the sun set over the sahara desert

4. Life Experience: Seeing your football team winning a cup for the trophy cabinet.

I got to see my home football team ‘Birmingham City FC’ win the Carling Cup final at Wembley Stadium, winning 2 -1 against Arsenal in February 2011! It was a brilliant day with my family that I will remember forever, what a high and a buzz. A well deserved win KRO! (our slogan KEEP RIGHT ON! aka KRO)

Helen's Journey Blog at wembley watching birmingham city fc beat arsenal 2 - 1

5. Life Experience: Climbing the Statue of Liberty & Empire State Building

I’ve climbed the Statue of Liberty & Empire State building (ok I was only 5 so I only remember tiny moments but I do remember doing both…

The statue of liberty I remember it being endless winding stairs and it being boiling hot and my Auntie freaking out as she is scared of heights.

The Empire State Building, I remember being at the top and it was all caged in and we used a, what seemed huge at the time, telescope to look out over New York.

6. I watched the Olympic Torch handover in the UK when it passed through my home town Birmingham (England’s 2nd City).

Helen's Journey blog watching the olympic torch handover in UK

7. Life Experience: Visiting the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Having a fond friend who was getting married in Morocco gave me a perfect opportunity to explore that beautiful part of the world. So while in Marrakech we went on a minibus adventure into the Atlas Mountains & we got out to see a beautiful waterfall.

Helen's Journey Blog in atlas mountain waterfall marrakech morocco

So there you have the 7 life experiences I’ve chosen to share with you  – I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me more, as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you and looking at the photos again too.

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Helen's Journey Blog wins The Versatile Blogger Award & interview sharing '7 things about me'

Versatile Blogger Award

I shared these 7 things about me as I received my first Versatile blogger Award! A big thank you to the lovely Cailin over at the blog STUMBLY for nominating me for this award. In response I have chosen my own nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award… (Anyone who participates, don’t forget to tag me in your posts so I can see your replies.)

  1. shradysstyle
  2. nikki at nikkipedia
  3. Positive Changes Journey
  4. Trail By Fashion
  5. Off To The World
  6. mishi pcm
  7. Simple Hijabi
  8. The Happy Diary
  9. Fam by Choice
  10. Mamma in Joy

Here are the rules/guidelines for the nominees to follow:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (share a link to their website)
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself. (this doesn’t have to be travel related, that is just what I chose to do)
  3. Nominate no more than 15 bloggers for the award.


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58 thoughts on “7 Amazing World Wide Life Experiences

    1. Thank you lovely. I honestly felt so much better on my 30th Birthday when I listed things I have done rather than what I haven’t done by now I thought I would of (husband, kids etc). So it was a good post to remind me of the blessings I have had with my life experiences for sure. But I still cant make baloon animals like you! 😉 x


      1. Haha, being able to balloon Twist isn’t much good when you’re scared of clowns.

        I always envy people with amazing life experiences. That what I wanted for myself when I was younger but instead I got married at 23 and work a minimum wage job. Not what I had in mind.

        I mean I love my husband and the people I work with are amazing, it’s just not what I thought my life would be like


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