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JULY MOTIVATION & ENCOURAGEMENT to make the second half of the year ahead, even better than the first half!

And just like that, June is over and July is once again here, marking the beginning of the second half of the year! This post is one full of motivation, encouragement and inspiration to make this second half of the year ahead, even better than the first half of the year that’s past…

The Importance of making Peace with the Past…

For some the first half of the year could of been so good, you aren’t sure the second half can top it, but instead see it as more opportunity to create even more happiness, fun and good times. For others, the first half of the year was so hard that you feel you don’t have the energy for another 6 months of hard times.

For me the first half of the year took me by surprise with having to care for my Nan in her sudden health decline, then the heartbreak of her dying. Then the aftermath that followed with her funeral, grief, sorting her belongings and trying to keep Grandad going with making the adjustments as smooth as possible. That certainly wasn’t what I was expecting as I sat down in January and wrote down my goals and focus words for this year. Any body else’s New Year goals etc not go to plan?

The post I wrote all about using focus words, goal setting and promises to yourself as handy ways to be prepared, focused and ready for what’s ahead – is one I will be re-visiting again and I am going to make new lists, words and promises, for this second half of the year ahead instead. I encourage you to do the same! Click HERE to read the post or follow the link at the end of the blog post.

The point is that life can surprise you at anytime, it can overwhelm you and depending how serious the things are that we are experiencing, we can really get tunnel vision in life and that hardship is all we see. This is why so many of my posts from the first half of this year was the ones I wrote to help others go through hard times just like I was experiencing. (I include a list of my most popular ones for you to check out at the end of this post.)

July Motivation:

However, that is enough of looking back at the first half of the year, as we don’t want to stay there, we want to make this second half of the year even better. The point of looking back is to learn the lessons of the past, in order to then look forward with more wisdom and with the lessons learnt, for dealing with what lies ahead.

If you struggle with moving on, letting go or forgiveness like I have in the past, then I encourage you to read my post How to give yourself a break, when life makes you hard on yourself. Including a FREE PRINTABLE Affirmation to encourage Self-Love, Forgiveness and Letting Go of the Past! Printing the affirmation to put up somewhere in your home, or use as a book mark etc, makes it easier for re-reading it when you find yourself thinking of the past, revisiting past hurts and holding a grudge. It can be very powerful!

So take with you the life lessons from the 181 days that have already happened this year. However, lets now shift our focus to today, this years 182nd day of the year and accept the healing from what is past in order to grow and move forward into all the blessings this second half of the year has in store…

July Encouragement:

It’s not about pretending no struggles are ahead, but instead its about arming yourself with the strategies, perspectives and survival skills needed to get by when the hard things in life happen. Below are some posts to do exactly that, to equip you with these things for the not so good things that may come your way in this second part of the year:

For those who pray or believe in the power of prayer, here is a simple yet strong prayer for the month of July. Why not use this as a template and write your own prayer for July specific to your needs, wants and desires:

So for us all, I hope this month of July can bring with it a sense of peace for what has passed, a love and happiness for all that is in our present and the joyful possibilities of all that may come along in days 182 to 365 ahead!

– Helen’s Journey


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16 thoughts on “JULY MOTIVATION & ENCOURAGEMENT to make the second half of the year ahead, even better than the first half!

  1. I don’t know why but I found β€˜Julying’ so funny! πŸ˜‚
    It’s a good time to stand back & reflect, so this is a timely, spot-on post. You’ve been through so much in the first half of the year, such heartache, and you’re right, life can surprise us at any time. It’s about taking the lessons learned, straightening our shoulders and moving forwards. Thank you for the inspiration – brilliant post, Helen! I hope July is kind to you Β β™₯
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love inspiration articles like this! I was just talking to my husband about how the end of the year is just around the corner. I have a lot of goals still on my list and I hope to be able to knock off as many as possible.

    Love your outlook!! Thanks for sharing !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I love writing inspiration articles. It floats my boat haha. Right before we know it everyone will be saying ‘Christmas’ πŸ˜‰ Hope you get to tick off some of your list before then…


    1. Definitely looking forward to it being a better half of the year once again! Having more freedom to go places and do things if I choose too. Seeing more of my friends, having people inside my house for get togethers, my friend being able to have her wedding etc. I had already experienced so many of other peoples lockdown lessons from being chronically ill and all the life changes that brings with being taken out of ‘normal’ life/activities etc. But be nice for the ‘normal’ things to be open again for when I feel able to join in. So will be glad of the options this second half of the year will bring, that the first half didn’t have! 😊


  3. Encouraging thoughts and motivating ideas!

    How on earth is the year half over already?? So sorry to hear about your beloved Nan’s passing.

    For me, the first half of the year was a welcome change – in May, I finally came to the end of a 15-month-long relapse, thanks to some new treatments, and that was such a huge relief! So, I’m doing Ok with my annual goals so far, though I never get nearly as much done as I think I will! But making progress, slowly but surely.

    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!


    My Book: Finding a New Normal: Living Your Best Life with Chronic Illness

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    1. Thank you Sue. She would be glad I am ‘getting on with life’ though bless her. Nice to hear the first half of the year was the opposite for you and sounds like it was SO needed after 15 months. Really glad that has helped you keep on track with your yearly goals. Slowly but surely is defo the way to go for health reasons, so well done us for trying and keeping on even though it is slow progess – it is progress! Helen 😊


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