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Spring: How to enjoy a season of renewed hope, new possibilities and a fresh perspective

So here we are, it is officially Springtime. Although Spring doesn’t start until March, I had been noticing little signs of Spring throughout the last part of February with more sunshine, fresh shoots springing up from the ground and buds appearing on plants and trees.

Just look at the photo above, there is such a stark juxtaposition between Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. We have the hard, cold, solid soil – representing the harsh cold winter we have just got through. Then we see the flowers that were still able to grow and push through this soil with perseverance and determination to push upwards towards the light.

We are those daffodil bulbs that were buried in the cold, harsh winter months – maybe hibernating in the warm or suffering from the Winter blues. Yet, seeing those fresh daffodil shoots appear from empty looking soil, is a reminder that no matter how hard life has got, there is always a renewal of hope for better.

The promise of a future, that the blooming flowers of Spring, reminds us of!

Spotting green leaves on twig like shells of trees, plants and flowers, is a reminder that even when things look beyond repair, there is the possibility for newness to be born, new doors to be opened and new opportunities to present themselves out of nowhere.

“All of these Spring time clues that nature gives us, carry with them messages of hope, new beginnings and fresh perspectives!”

– Helen’s Journey


“The reminder that even though things appear to have died from the cold Autumn/Fall weather, such as frost and other bad conditions – once conditions are improved, they can once again bloom with life in what we thought were lifeless places. Where there was brown there is the possibility of green life once again. Out of soil that looks barren can spring new life again after a harsh season of weather, once conditions have improved.”

– Helen’s Journey

Planting seeds in Spring, so you can reap a harvest in the other seasons of your life!

Springtime brings the fruit of this lesson above that was sown in the Autumn. Highlighting the importance of again sowing the seeds now in Spring, for the harvest you want to reap in the Summer, Autumn and Winter months ahead. Planting seeds can be making decisions, starting the ball rolling, making the first call of contact, planning, researching, praying – depending on the type of seed you are wanting to bring to fruit in the future. Or for others it may be the planting of spiritual seeds and the belief in reaping what you sow etc… “Galatians 6:7 A man reaps what he sows.”

A lesson, that no matter how harsh of a winter there was, the spring flowers are still able to not just grow and start to show signs of life – but in time they are able to thrive and bloom in full glory, showing the world their beauty.

See yourself as that bud and remind yourself of all the beauty you have to give, take in the Spring sunshine and prepare yourself for reemerging in all your glory!

The Bible Verse I chose to include in the image above reminds me that God brings good out of bad, God can make streams where you didn’t think there was even the possibility for water & God makes a way when we can’t see one! A reminder that hope is so important whatever we are facing in life!

Spring ‘in-bloom’: How to enjoy a season of renewed hope, new possibilities and a fresh perspective

Those who read my post ‘Handy ways to get prepared for the new year ahead’ will know that the word I chose as my focus for the year 2019 was β€˜in-bloom’. I said I chose this “because my days are now full of more sunshine and my buds that were created last year are preparing to open and bloom when the time is right in this new year ahead.” How fitting is what I wrote at the beginning of January above, now in this new season of spring a few months later!

Customised, personalised artwork to remind you of your life journey:

My talented sister Libby is an artist who gets commissioned to do personalised pieces of artwork for people all over the world. As a surprise, she took my focus word ‘IN BLOOM’ & interpreted it artistically and created this customised piece of art for me to hang up as my visual reminder of where I wanted my focus to be this year. πŸ’ I just LOVE it, it’s shown below in her Instagram post @libby.artist

The intertwined roots of the flowers wrapped around the letters showing that the past can’t be erased & it is still present in your scars and memories – but that doesn’t mean on the other end of those intertwined roots of the past, that beautiful flowers can not bloom in the present πŸ₯€πŸŒΉThe dots inside some of the lettering representing the seeds I have been planting and a visual reminder that they aren’t dead, they are just waiting for their time to grow & blossom in the future. 🌱

What beautiful representation she was able to create for me, simply from reading my blog post about what my 2019 focus word was & why. If you want a customised piece of artwork or would like to follow my sister’s artistic journey, please go & follow her on Instagram @libby.artist

Thinking of choosing a focus word for yourself? Then I encourage you to read the following two blog posts below, that will help give direction and clarity to your life. Or if you’ve already chosen one, let me know what it is in the comments and how you can use the springtime to develop you embracing what you chose to focus on…

– Signing off, Helen x


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the promise of a future that blooming spring flowers reminds us of. blog post all about spring's message of hope by Helen's Journey


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13 thoughts on “Spring: How to enjoy a season of renewed hope, new possibilities and a fresh perspective

  1. I love spring (and not just because my body is always cold & I’m desperate for the warmth of summer!) The birds, the new leaves, the budding flowers. It’s hope and it’s refreshing and uplifting, just like your post. With flowers and how”… they are just waiting for their time to grow & blossom in the future”, this is so true and a wonderful perspective to take. We can take time out, we can fall down and give in, and then we will come back stronger, to bloom as we were intended to. Such a beautiful post, Helen! And I love Libby’s art, she’s very talented πŸ˜€
    Caz xx


        1. Oh I’m so glad to hear that – your feedback on my post has given me a huge smile on my face now too πŸ˜‰ so thanks so much for sharing how inspirational the post was for you πŸ‘βœ¨πŸ’


  2. I absolutely love Spring! Fantastic post! Thank you for sharing!

    Would love for you to check out my latest post about Spring Cleaning Madness! πŸ˜‰

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