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How Twitter can help GROW YOUR BLOG and help you INCREASE BLOG TRAFFIC

First, let me explain this latest win for my blog via Twitter and then afterwards I will share my experience with gaining blog traffic from Twitter and opinion on how competitions in the blogging world can positively help your blog.

Helen’s Journey Blog chosen as ‘Feature Friday’ competition winner & the blog reviewed by competition founder ‘Journey of Life Continues’

Well, what a lovely discovery, as I see a tweet to say the competition winner has been announced, I click on the blog link to go and congratulate the winner and to my surprise It was me!!! *happy dance*

Helen’s Journey Blog reviwed:

One winner is chosen from all the entries and the founder ‘Ms Arora’ from the blog ‘Journey of Life Continues” reviews the winner’s blog and features their blog on her ‘Feature Friday’ blog post each fortnight.

CLICK HERE to read her full review of Helen’s Journey Blog.

helens journey blog wins friday feature twitter competition. excerpt of the blog review of blog
Excerpt of the blog review about Helen’s Journey Blog. Click to follow me on Instagram at: @helens_journey

So some, esp fellow bloggers may be wondering how this all came about and also how they can enter themselves. So let me give you the low down:

‘Journey of Life Continues’ has a pinned tweet on the top of her twitter account  and bloggers reply to this tweet with their blog web address, info on what type of blog they have and where in the world your blog is from.

Over the next two weeks, she visits all the blogs who entered and chooses her favourite as that fortnight’s winner, to feature as the chosen blog and writes a review about the blog to spotlight it to new readers.

It’s like a competition of discovery on both sides!

I think it’s a great initiative in the blogging community and I’m honoured to have been chosen as the winning blog for ‘Feature Friday week 2’. Thank you for a lovely review of my blog and I’m so glad the positivity I strive to have daily as I battle chronic illness, shines through brightly through my blog posts and poems, for others to recognise and be touched by ❤

How Twitter Blog Competitions can help GROW YOUR BLOG and help you INCREASE BLOG TRAFFIC:

How Twitter can help GROW YOUR BLOG and help you INCREASE BLOG TRAFFIC - blog by Helen's Journey

 I LOVE the blogging community on twitter, in fact, my favourite hashtag soon became #bloggerssupportingbloggers because of the love, acceptance and support I received from other bloggers on Twitter.

This is the third Twitter blogger competition I have won in the four months I have been blogging, so I think you can guess my answer if asked: “Is it worth entering blogger twitter competitions?” – YES!

As well as this ‘Feature Friday’ competition, I have also been a chosen feature blog for @bexcapades Twitter competition ‘Mental Health Monday’ twice, which I explain more about is this blog: “IT’S A WIN! AS A HELENS JOURNEY BLOG WAS CHOSEN TO FEATURE IN #MENTALHEALTHMONDAY TWITTER COMPETITION” (Click blog title to go & read more about it).

All of these blogger competitions on Twitter are great initiatives to get people sharing their blogs and also to raise support, encouragement and engagement for the winners and the people running the competitions. So why not look at both of the competitions mentioned and enter your blog?

I also take part in Twitter ‘follow trains’ which again is a great way to find new bloggers to interact with. These also help grow your blog by making your blog links reach a wider audience, as each person taking part in the ‘follow train’ retweets the train of messages to all their followers, who may not usually see your details if they aren’t following you already.

Twitter has helped me grow my following day by day and last month I hit 956 monthly views (I know so close to 1000 yet so far away! lol) and the majority of this blog traffic came via Twitter! So my advice is to join in with the blogging community on there – its friendly, supportive and you can build really nice and encouraging blogger friendships on there too!

I’d love to add you to my Twitter community! So click to go to my Twitter page here: @helens_journey

#twitterlove #blogbuilding #bloggingcommunity #bloggerssupportingbloggers

Helen’s Journey Twitter Tips:

  • JOIN IN! Just do it! 😉
  • Enter competitions
  • Interact with your followers
  • Jump aboard on follow trains
  • Engage in the blogging community on Twitter
  • Have fun making twitter friends
  • Use a scheduling app to tweet for you when you cant be on Twitter (I use Buffer)

I also have a ‘BLOG HELP’ board on Pinterest jam-packed with tips and tricks for using Twitter and other social media channels for blog promotion:


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helens journey blog wins friday feature twitter competition. come and read the blog review of blog
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