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How you can join in with raising awareness on Mental Health… “IT’S A WIN!” As a Helen’s Journey blog is a chosen feature blog in #MentalHealthMonday Twitter Competition

How bloggers can work together to put the spotlight onto the important issue of Mental Health!

I’m proud to of had two of my blog’s chosen in this #MentalHealthMonday Twitter competition. I think this is a brilliant idea to shine a light on Mental Health issues and struggles that many people face and that some are brave enough to write about and highlight.

My chosen blogs are (click on titles to open blogs in a new tab to read posts after you have finished reading this post):


Here is how can you join in with raising awareness for Mental Health

“Just how does this competition work?” I hear you all ask. Well on the 1st Monday of every month tweeters are invited to share their blogs on Mental Health attached to the meme for the #MentalHealthMonday competition.

Then the creator of the competition posts a blog to announce the handful of those shared blogs that have been chosen from all the entries, as that months Mental Health Monday’ featured blogs for readers.

Below is an explanation from Mel at her blog The Book Moo who is the joint creator of #MentalHealthMonday with Rebecca Burke from the blog BexCapades:

“The idea came from Rebecca revisiting her depression diary from 2015 and deciding to share her experiences to show that light comes out of dark times.

So now, every first Monday of each month will be a Mental Health Monday, where everyone can share their own experiences and a handful will be chosen to feature on Rebecca’s post each month.

helens journey blog wins mental health monday twitter competition

Having ‘Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome’ meaning I have a delayed body clock, really came in useful on Nov 30th 2017, as this all came about from me being awake and on my Twitter and seeing a late night/early morning tweet by Rebecca with the ‘Mental Health Monday’ competition meme in – that I basically wouldn’t of seen if I would of been sleeping!

I didn’t think twice in replying to her pinned post thread with one of my blogs regarding Mental Health, which you can all read here: “MY WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY SPENT WITH THE ARTS”.

Then by the end of Dec 1st 2017 I was surprised with the lovely news that my blog had been chosen as one of her favourites to feature for the month of December 2017. You can see the list of all chosen blogs featured alongside my blog, in Rebecca’s 1st official results blog: Mental Health Monday and I’d also encourage you to read Mel’s courageous post about her experience with depression here too.

December so far has been a brilliant month for HELENS JOURNEY as along side this achievement, after 8 weeks of Blogging I was also nominated for my 1st blogger award, which you can read about here: “MY ‘MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD’ NOMINATION & MY ANSWERS FOR YOU TO GET TO KNOW ME BETTER”.

*UPDATE on Helen’s Journey wins*

Then I entered my blog “YOU ARE…” A SELF-LOVE AFFIRMATION TO REMIND US HOW AMAZING WE ARE! and it was chosen as a feature blog for #MentalHealthMonday competition for February 2018! (Click on blog title to take you to read the chosen post).

I’m excited to update that February 2018 have been exciting month for blog awards and competitions too as I won “The Sunshine Blogger Award”  and also won the “Feature Friday” Twitter competition too! Yay! #grateful #thankful #proud

(click on the blog title to open the blog posts in new windows)

So, I will close in saying “Thank You” to Rebecca for choosing my blog posts, along side saying “Thank You” to every person who has past by and followed my footsteps through reading my blogs and poems! I appreciate every click, like, comment, share and encouraging feedback from you all. THANKS x

mental health monday win for helens journey blog as feature blog about mental health issues to raise awareness


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